Handbook of Balance Function Testing 1st Edition
Gary P. Jacobson | Craig W. Newman | Jack M. Kartush
ISBN-13: 9781565939073 | ISBN-10: 1565939077
© 1998 | Published |  452  Pages

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  • An Historical Perspective on Balance Function Testing. ELECTRONYSTAGMOGRAPHY. Practical Anatomy and Physiology of the Vestibular System. Practical Anatomy and Physiology of the Ocular Motor System. Principles and Techniques of Electro-oculography. Background and Technique of Ocular Motility Testing. Interprtation and Usefulness of Ocular Motility Testing. Background, Technique, Interpretation, and Usefulness of Positional and Positioning Testing. Background and Technique of Caloric Testing. Interpretation and Usefulness of Caloric Testing. ROTATIONAL TESTING. Background and Technique of Rotational Testing. Interpretation and Usefulness of Rotational Testing. POSTUROGRAPHIC TESTING. Practical Biomechanics and Physiology of Balance. Computerized Dynamic Posturography. Computerized Dynamic Posturography: Clinical Applications. SPECIAL ISSUES. Medical and Surgical Treatment of Vertigo. Introperative Monitoring During Vestibulkar Surgery. Balance Handicap Assessment. Balance Rehabilitation: Background, Techniques, and Usefulness. Vestibular Evoked Potentials. Index.

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