Medical and Dental Associates PC: Insurance Forms Preparation 3rd Edition
Shirley J. Chapman
ISBN-13: 9780827375604 | ISBN-10: 0827375603
© 1998 | Published |  336  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780538700566

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With this book, learners will become new employees at the offices of Medical and Dental Associates, P.C., and will learn the skills needed to become an insurance billing specialist. The book is divided into the following parts: patient information and coding systems, HCFA-1500 insurance form completion, other insurance forms completion, and resources. It is based on the manual office system, but the computerized office system is discussed, so the learner will be prepared to work in either environment.

  • GATHERING PATIENT INFORMATION: Your Orientation Manual. Introduction to Diagnostic Coding. E-Codes, V-Codes, Late Effect Codes, Hypertension Table. CPT Codes. HCPCS Codes.CDT-2 Dental Codes.HCFA-1500 INSURANCE FORM COMPLETION: Completing the HCFA-1500.Completing the HCFA-1500.OTHER INSURANCE FORM COMPLETION: Medicare. Medicaid; Workers’’ Compensation. CHAMPUS and CHAMPVA. Other Insurance Coverage. Completing the ADA Form. Managed Care. RESOURCES: Resources. Completed Patient Information Records. NUMBERED FORMS.INDEX.

    • real-life medical and dental billing exercises are included to give the learner practical problem-solving skills
    • each chapter builds on the next, so learning is effective and comprehensive
    • incorporates the latest regulations and practices for preparing and submitting insurance claims
    • coding chapters have been revised to the latest coding standards
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    • Instructor’s Manual for Chapman’s Medical & Dental Associates PC: Insurance Forms Preparation, 3rd
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