Conversational Spanish for Health Professionals 3rd Edition
Rochelle K. Kelz, PhD
ISBN-13: 9780827367753 | ISBN-10: 0827367759
© 1999 | Published |  384  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780827342651

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This updated and expanded new edition is a useful guide for students in allied health and nursing programs who will need to communicate quickly and effectively with Spanish-speaking patients and their families. The book is adaptable to various needs and methods of presentation. It emphasizes the differences among written, formal, and academic Spanish and casual, everyday, and at times, regional Spanish.

  • Pronunciation. Essential Grammar. Common Expressions. Numerical Expressions. Anatomic and Physiologic Vocabulary. Conversations for Medical and Paramedical Personnel. Conversations for Administrative Personnel. Authorizations and Signatures. Crucial Vocabulary for Medical Personnel. Appendices.

    • comprehensive pronunciation guide provides quick reference for all Spanish sounds and in the governing rules
    • expanded coverage of medical specialities, such as dentistry and opthamology
    • alphabetized Spanish-English and English-Spanish vocabulary lists provide quick reference to terms
    • regional terminology as well as standard Spanish allows health professionals to understand a broader range of individuals
    • addition of more practical review exercises
    • expanded and updated content on certain problem areas including drug abuse, alcoholism, AIDS, diabetes, and teenage pregnancy
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