Microbiology for Health Careers 6th Edition
Lynne L. Grover-Lakomia | Elizabeth Fong
ISBN-13: 9780766809178 | ISBN-10: 076680917X
© 1999 | Published |  456  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780827360495

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The sixth edition of this best-selling text has been revised and updated to included current information on today's most important topics including, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B (HBV) and hepatitis C. This updated resource will help users successfully perform common microbiology procedures and increase their knowledge of important clinical infections. Learning aids in the text include objectives, key words, chapter summaries, and a variety of review questions.

  • The World of Microorganisms: Chapter 1 The Value of Microbiology, Chapter 2 The Microscope, Chapter 3 Basic Chemistry and its Relationship to Microbiology, Chapter 4 Favorable Environment for Bacterial Growth. Structure and Behavior of Microorganisms: Chapter 5 Cellular Structure and Characteristics of Eukaryotes, Chapter 6 Cellular Structure and Characteristics of Prokaryotes, Chapter 7 The Structure and Behavior of Microogranisms, Chapter 8 Introduction to the Protists, Chapter 9 Fungi, Chapter 10 Parasites, Chapter 11 Bacteria, Chapter 12 Viruses, Chapter 13 Microbiological Techniques, Infection and Immunity: Chapter 14 How Microorganisms Cause Infection, Chapter 15 Body Defenses, Chapter 16 Immunity, Chapter 17 Vaccines and Immune Serums, Methods of Destruction of Microbiological Material: Chapter 18 Physical and Chemical Agents of Destruction, Chapter 19 Chemotherapeutic Agents, Public Health Microbiology: Chapter 20 Air,Food,Milk,Water,Soil, and Sewage Control, Chapter 21 Sanitary Measures Practiced in Health Care Facilities. Appendix A: Diseases Transmitted by microoganisms, Appendix B: Review of Communicable Diseases, Appendix C: Classification of Microogranisms, Appendix D: Uses of Primary Plating Media, Appendix E: Summary of Primary Plating Section Media, Appendix F: Recipes: Culture Media, Staining Solutions, and Slide Preparation Techniques, Appendix G: Suggested Demonstrations for Environmental Control

    • The sixth edition of this text has been revised and updated to include current information on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B (HBV), and hepatitis C.
    • Universal Precuations, and the OSHA Bloodbourne Pathogen Rule are emphasized throughout the text.
    • Common Microbiology laboratory procedures now appear in procedure boxes to make them easier to use in the lab setting.
    • Summaries have been added to each chapter to help students identify and review key concepts.
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