Transcultural Communication in Health Care 1st Edition
Joan Luckmann
ISBN-13: 9780766805934 | ISBN-10: 076680593X
© 2000 | Published |  256  Pages

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In today's complex health care workplace health care professionals must be able to communicate with clients who speak different languages, and come from distinct cultural backgrounds. They must be able to understand and sow compassion for the different cultures, lifestyles, traditions, and expectations they will encounter. The goal of this practical book is to help health care professionals expand their perspectives and to develop the skills and techniques needed to work and communicate effectively with clients and other health care professionals in a multicultural environment.

  • Preface. Contributors. EXPLORING TRANSCULTURAL COMMUNICATION: Unit One Assessment. Introduction to Transcultural Communication in Health Care. Transcultural Communication Building Blocks: Culture and Culture Values. Transcultural Communication Building Blocks: Beliefs, Behavior, and Communication. Transcultural Communication Stumbling Blocks. Transcultural Communication Within the Health Care Subculture. Unit One Evaluation. DEVELOPING TRANSCULTURAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Unit Two Assessment. Exploring Transcultural Communication As a Participant-Observer. Using Basic Transcultural Communication Techniques. Overcoming Transcultural Communication Barriers. Working With and Without an Interpreter. Unit Two Evaluation. USING TRANSCULTURAL COMMUNICATION TO ELICIT ASSESSMENT DATA: Unit Three Assessment. Eliciting Assessment Data From the Client, Family, and Interpreters. Unit Three Evaluation. USING TRANSCULTURAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS TO PLAN AND IMPLEMENT CARE: Using Transcultural Communication to Plan Care, Explain, and Instruct. Using Transcultural Communication to Assist People responding to Pain, Grief, Dying, and Death. Unit Four Evaluation. TRANSCULTURAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS BETWEEN HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS: Fostering Transcultural Communication With Other Health Care Professionals. Unit Five Evaluation. APPENDIX I: Organizations and Agencies. APPENDIX II: Annotated List of Suggested Books and Films With a Transcultural Theme. APPENDIX III: Answer Key to Testing Your Knowledge Questions.

    • Self-assessment and self-evaluation exercises help health care professionals reflect on their own cultural perspectives, overcome their biases, and communicate effectively in a transcultural environment.
    • An excellent resource covering the techniques needed to communicate and work with clients, interpreters, and other health care professionals who have limited English proficiency.
    • Provides an extensive resource list of suggested books, novels, videos and other media that help demonstrate communication between cultures; further enhancing the reader's understanding of transcultural communication.
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