Restorative Care: Fundamentals for the Certified Nursing Assistant 1st Edition
Barbara Acello
ISBN-13: 9780827381414 | ISBN-10: 0827381417
© 2000 | Published |  368  Pages

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This text provides the content necessary for training nursing assistants to provide restorative care in long-term care facilities, as required by OBRA law. This comprehensive text includes measurable objectives and interventions to optimize resident care and to enable facilities to gain maximum reimbursement. This text includes all the information necessary to train nursing assistants in restorative care, as well as, the information required to implement a restorative care training program. It provides the necessary training to advance the certified nursing assistant to the restorative nursing assistant level, enabling facilities to attain the goal of maintaining or improving residents' conditions. The text focuses on techniques to promote resident involvement, thereby improving resident independence and self-esteem.

  • Section I- Introduction to Restorative Nursing: Chapter 1-Introduction to Rehabilitation and Restorative Nursing Care. Chapter 2-The Nursing Process in Restorative Nursing Care. Chapter 3-The Elderly in Long-Term Care. Chapter 4-Infection Control. Chapter5-Principles of Restorative Nursing and Rehabilitation. Chapter 6-Restorative Care of Residents with Musculoskeletal System Conditions. Chapter 7-Care of Residents with Common Neurological Conditions. Chapter 8- Restorative Care of the Residents with Disorders of the Integumentary System. Chapter 9-Consideration of Special Needs. Chapter 10-Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries, Back Injuries in Health Care Workers, Body Mechanics. Chapter 11-Restorative Exercise and Bed Mobility Exercise. Chapter 12-Progressive Mobility. Chapter 13-Ambulation and Assistive Devices. Chapter 14-Restorative Approaches to Meeting Residents'' Nutrition and Hydration Needs. Chapter 15-Restorative Self-Care. Chapter 16-Restorative Care of Residents with Respiratory Disorders. Chapter 17-Bowel and Bladder Management, Problems Related to the Urinary System. Chapter 18-Restorative Care of Residents with Psychosocial and Behavioral Issues. Chapter 19-Documenting Restorative Care. Appendix A-Employment Information. Appendix B-Exercise and Mobility. Appendix C-Patterns for Restorative Equipment. Appendix E-Communication: Communication Cards, Appendix F-Basic Nursing Assistant Procedure Review. Appendix G-Resources. Appendix H-Federal Law. Appendix I-Minimum Data Set 2.0. Appendix J-Americans with Disabilities Act.

    • Easy-to-understand reading level facilitates learner comprehension
    • Meets training requirements for reimbursement in restorative care as defined in the Resident Assessment Instrument
    • Provides the necessary information to advance the certified nursing assistant to the restorative nursing assistant level
    • Trains nursing assistants in techniques to promote resident involvement to increase resident independence and self-esteem
    • Includes material of practical value to enable facilities to provide the required restorative care for their residents
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    • Instructor's Manual to Accompany Restorative Care
      ISBN-10: 0827381425 | ISBN-13:9780827381421
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      Includes: Course Syllabus for 20-40 hour program, Course Syllabus for 60-80 hour program, Summary of Standard Precautions, Continuing Education Resources, tips for internet searches, Health Care Resources, list of Nursing Assistant State Registries, answers to Clinical Applications in book, Classroom Quizzes, Final Exam, answers to quizzes and final, Performance Review Checklists and Forms.
      Computerized Testbank to Accompany Restorative Care
      ISBN-10: 0766814335 | ISBN-13:9780766814332
      List Price = 174.95
      Includes: a database of questions and answers from which to build tests and quizzes for each chapter of the book.

    • As an independent nurse consultant and educator, Barbara Acello, MS, RN, has worked in long-term care for more than thirty-three years. In addition to owning and operating a school for nursing assistants, she helped to write and develop mandatory state curricula for nurse aides and EMTs. She has also written and/or contributed to approximately 60 textbooks, instructor guides, quick reference guides, and supplemental instructional material for healthcare personnel.

      During her nursing career, Ms. Acello has worked in eight states as a director of nursing, long-term care facility consultant, and educator.

      With a particular interest and expertise in the clinical geriatrics, Ms. Acello's subspecialties include resident safety, pain assessment and management, restraints, pressure ulcers, and infection control. She is committed to improving working conditions, education, and professionalism for personnel in the long-term care industry.