The Dental Assistant 7th Edition
Alice E. Pendleton | Pauline C. Anderson
ISBN-13: 9780766811133 | ISBN-10: 0766811131
© 2001 | Published |  736  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780827352810

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This comprehensive text, in its seventh edition, provides students all they need to prepare for the national certification exam. Pedagogical features includes objectives, key terms, introduction, summary, student activities, glossary, and references to help students assess their progress as they proceed through the text. This revised edition includes chapters on such important topics as ethics, legal issues, microbiology, pharmacology, and computers in dental offices to help readers stay current. This comprehensive text will help students prepare for national board exams as well as prepare them to work in today’s modern dental office.

  • Preface. Acknowledgments. SECTION 1 DENTISTRY AS A PROFESSION: The Dental Health Care Team and Its Responsibilities. Dental Ethics and Legal Issues. Dental Patient Management and Communication. Using the Computer in the Dental Office. SECTION 2 BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES: Basic Microbiology. Infectious Diseases and Disease Transmission. Principles of Personal Protection. Infection Control and Hazard Communication Management. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations. Medical and Dental Emergencies. SECTION 3 PREVENTION: Preventive Dentistry. Nutrition. Coronal Polishing. SECTION 4 PHYSIOLOGY: Human Cell Structure and Function. SECTION 5 DENTAL ANATOMY: Bones of the Head. Paranasal Sinuses. Muscles of Mastication. Oral Cavity and Salivary Glands. Cranial Nerves. Blood Supply to the Head and Neck. SECTION 6 DENTAL HISTOLOGY: Development of the Face, Nose, Tongue and Palate. Early Development of the Teeth and Tooth Buds. Composition and Formation of the Teeth. Tissues Surrounding the Teeth. Eruption and Resorption of Teeth. SECTION 7 ODONTOLOGY: External Features of the Teeth. Descriptions of Individual teeth. SECTION 8 ORAL EXAM AND DENTAL CHARTING: Oral Exam. Basics in Dental Charting. Interpretive Charting. SECTION 9 DENTAL INSTRUMENTS: Dental Handpieces. Rotary Instruments. Hand Instruments for Operative Dentistry. SECTION 10 CHAIRSIDE ASSISTING: Dental Equipment in the Treatment Room. Positioning the Dental Team for Operative Dentistry. Preparing the Treatment Room and Seating the Dental Patient. Principles and Application of Oral Evacuation. Instrument Transfer. Punching, Placing, and Removing Dental Dam. Assembling and Placing a Tofflemire Matrix Band and Retainer. SECTION 11 DENTAL MATERIALS: Cavity Varnish, Liners, Calcium Hydroxide, and Dental Cements. Glass Ionomers Composites and Sealants. Dental Amalgam. Hydrocolloid Impression Materials. Custom Trays - Acrylic and Silicone. Elastometric Impression Materials. Temporary Restorations. Gypsum. SECTION 12 PHARMACOLOGY AND ANESTHESIA: Pharmacology. Anesthesia and Anxiety Control. Topical and Local Anesthesia. SECTION 13 DENTAL SPECIALTIES: Public Health. Pediatric Dentistry. Orthodontics. Endodontics. Prosthodontics. Periodontics. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Oral Pathology. SECTION 14 DENTAL RADIOGRAPHY: Principles of Dental Radiography. Measurement of Ionizing Radiation. Radiation Protection and Radiobiolohy. X-Ray Film. Quality Assurance and Infection Control for Dental Radiography. Film Processing. Intraoral Radiography. Extraoral Radiography. Digital Imaging Systems in Oral Radiography. Image Detail and Quality Analysis of Radiographs. Radiographic Landmarks. Radiographic Interpretation. Mounting, Labeling, and Filing Dental Radiographs. Glossary. References. Index.

    • Expanded IML with transition and cross-over grids, lesson plans, case studies and answers to chapter questions
    • Includes definitions for all key terms
    • Expanded and updated art program reinforces text content
    • Updates include chapters on ethics and legal issues to help readers develop critical thinking skills
    • New chapter on using the computer in dental offices helps users develop essential computer skills
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  • Instructor’s Manual to Accompany The Dental Assistant
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    Transition Grid, Conversion Grids, Teaching Strategies, Chapter Objectives, Assignments, Classroom Activities, Lab Activities, Case Studies, Answers to Review Questions