Safety Standards and Infection Control for Dental Assistants 1st Edition
Ellen Dietz-Bourguignon
ISBN-13: 9780766826595 | ISBN-10: 0766826597
© 2002 | Published |  352  Pages

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Infection Control for Dental Assistants addresses the requirements set forth by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) Task Analysis to prepare students for the national Infection Control Examination (ICE). To facilitate instruction and learning the text is broken down into six major areas - Microbiology and Disease Prevention Specific to Dentistry; National Guidelines, Recommendations and Regulations; Infection Control Techniques; Environmental Health and Safety; and Office Communications Regarding Infection Control - according to their relevance to the dental assistant's role in infectious disease prevention. Numerous hands-on procedures and assessment questions are designed to help students track their comprehension and retention of presented material.

Designed to prepare students in dental assisting programs for the Infection Control Examination according to the requirements set forth by the Dental Assisting National Board Task Analysis. Dental assistants already in private practice will find it a helpful refresher to current guidelines and as a handy chairside reference.

  • Section I: Microbiology and Disease Prevention Specific to Dentistry. Chapter 1: Introduction to Microbiology. Chapter 2: Disease Prevention in the Dental Office: Chapter 3: Patient Assessment. Chapter 4: Legal and Ethical Considerations of Infection Control. Section II: National Guidelines, Recommendations, and Regulations Affecting Dental Practice. Chapter 5: Regulatory Government Agencies and National Associations. Chapter 6: The Dental Office Safety Supervisor. Section III: Infection Control Techniques in the Dental Office. Chapter 7: Personal Safety and Barrier Protection. Chapter 8: Instrument Recirculation. Chapter 9: Surface and Equipment Asepsis. Chapter 10: Dental Laboratory Asepsis. Chapter 11: Infection Control in Dental Radiography. Section IV: Environmental Health and Safety (Hazard Communication) In the Dental Office. Chapter 12: Hazard Communication. Chapter 13: Waterline Bio films. Chapter 14: Work-Related Environmental Hazards. Chapter 15: Office Emergency Procedures. Section V: Office Communications Regarding Infection Control. Chapter 16: Marketing Infection Control

    • Requirements are keyed to specific DANB Task Analysis sections and subsections, and are grouped together at the beginning of each chapter
    • Learning objectives and key terms presented at the beginning of each chapter
    • Icons depict additional vital items, such as protective gloves, masks, eyewear and clinical attire
    • DANB Infection Control Task Analysis Requirements are cross referenced by chapter at the back of the text
    • A separate Instructor's Guide includes critical thinking questions.
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    • Instructor's Manual to Accompany Safety Standards and Infection Control for Dental Assistants
      ISBN-10: 0766844862 | ISBN-13:9780766844865
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      Skill-Building Student Activities, Answers to Questions in text

    • Ellen Dietz-Bourguignon, CDA, AAS, BS is an Associate Degreed CDA and has a BS in Allied Health Education in Dental Auxiliary Utilization. Ellen also holds a Community College Teaching Certificate from Suny Albany, has been Managing Editor of Dental Assisting Magazine, and has published ten books, including Dental Office Management and Safety Standards and Infection Control for Dental Assistants, both which are Thomson Delmar Learning textbooks.