Refrigerant Transition & Recovery Certification Program Manual for Technicians 1st Edition
Delta T. Solutions
ISBN-13: 9780766845190 | ISBN-10: 0766845192
© 2002 | Published |  176  Pages

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This manual prepares HVAC-R technicians with the knowledge needed to respond professionally to current and future environmental challenges. It begins with discussion of HVAC fundamentals and core topics, such as: refrigerant chemistry, oils, ozone depletion, global warming, and the Montreal protocol. Subsequent sections, each conveniently organized around a specific certification type, allow readers to delve into specific technical information, regulations, and procedures pertaining to small appliances; recovery, recycling, and reclaim; and chillers. Relevant forms, logs, and reports, plus a comprehensive glossary, are also included in handy appendices. In a field where technology change is the norm, and regulations are increasingly requiring HVAC-R technicians to adopt new procedures in order to contend with environmental problems, this manual serves as both an effective test preparation guide and an indispensable professional field reference.

  • FUNDAMENTALS: Refrigeration and AirConditioning Systems Fundamentals. CORE SECTIONS: Refrigerant Chemistry and Applications. Refrigerant Oils and their Applications. Ozone Depletion and Global Warming. Montreal Protocol. Legislation and Regulation. TYPE I CERTIFICATION: Small Appliance. TYPE II CERTIFICATION: Recovery, Recycling, and Reclaim. Containers - Safe Handling and Transport of Refrigerants. Conservation - Servicing and Testing. TYPE III CERTIFICATION: Chillers. APPENDICES: History of Refrigerants. Handling Test Anxiety and Sample Test Questions with Answers. Related Forms, Logs, and Reports. Glossary.

    • Prepares technicians for the Type I (small appliance), Type II (recovery, recycling and reclaim) and Type III (chillers) certification tests mandated by the EPA under section 608 of the Clean Air Act.
    • Detailed drawings, illustrations, and procedural charts are used effectively to supplement the text, guiding users to a complete understanding of "must-know" technical information.
    • A chapter on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System Fundamentals with diagrams of many systems and components has been included in this edition.
    • The chapters on refrigerants and oil, refrigerant chemistry, small appliances, recovery, recycling and reclaim, and chillers have been updated to reflect the most recent industrial changes and legislation.
    • An all-new chapter on ozone depletion and global warming is included in this edition, underscoring the significance of these environmental issues on HVAC-R industry practice.
    • Sample test questions with answers, plus tips for overcoming test-taking anxiety, are contained in an appendix, enabling readers to prepare thoroughly for certification exams.
    • The accompanying Instructor's Guide facilitates use of the manual in traditional academic settings and technician training seminars, reducing instructor preparation time.
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    • IG/Refrigerant Transition & Recovery Certification Program Manual
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