Delmar’s Handbook of Essential Skills and Procedures for Chairside Dental Assisting 1st Edition
Donna J. Phinney | Judy H. Halstead
ISBN-13: 9780766834576 | ISBN-10: 0766834573
© 2002 | Published |  304  Pages

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This resource provides essential information on the core clinical skills and procedures dental assistants need to know. Concise and user friendly, it presents a learning system appropriate for formal education settings, lab-based programs, on-the-job training and refresher courses. Outstanding illustrations make this text ideal for the visually oriented learner.

Handbook of Essential Skills and Procedures for the Dental Assistant is ideal for programs that focus primarily on the clinical skills necessary for dental assistants and dental offices that provide on-the-job training. The clinically orientated programs may be found in some community colleges as well as proprietary diploma schools.

  • Section I: Introduction to Dental Assisting and Basic Dental Sciences. Chapter 1: Dental Assisting-the profession. Chapter 2: Oral Health. Chapter 3: Head and Neck Anatomy. Chapter 4: Tooth Anatomy and Supporting Structures. Chapter 5: Dental Charting. Section II: Preclinical Dental Skills. Chapter 6: Infection Control/Sterilization Procedures. Chapter 7: Management of Hazardous Materials. Chapter 8: Preparation for Patient Care. Section III: Clinical Dental Procedures. Chapter 9: Chairside Assisting Skills. Chapter 10: Dental Instruments and Tray System. Chapter 11: Topical and Local Anesthetic. Chapter 12: Dental Radiology. Section IV: Chapter 13: Endodontics. Chapter 14: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Chapter 15: Orthodontics. Chapter 16: Pediatric Dentistry. Chapter 17: Periodontics. Chapter 18: Fixed Prosthodontics. Chapter 19: Removable Prosthodontics. Section V: Restorative and Laboratory Materials and Techniques. Chapter 20: Dental Cements and Restorative Materials and Techniques. Chapter 21: Laboratory Materials and Techniques. Section VI: Advanced Functions. Chapter 22: Coronal Polish, Pit, and Fissure Sealants, and Bleaching Techniques. Chapter 23: Dental Dam and Matrix and Wedge Techniques. Chapter 24: Retraction Cord and Temporary Restorations.

    • · Can also be used as a carry-along reference
    • · Logical layout effectively conveys information
    • · Objectives and key terms presented for each chapter
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    • Donna J. Phinney is the Program Director for the Dental Assisting Program at Spokane Community College. She has spent more than twenty years in the dental field as a dental assistant, a dental office consultant, an office manager and an educator. Donna Phinney holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Eastern Washington University and a Master’s Degree in Education from Whitworth College. Ms. Phinney received her fellowship from the American Dental Assistants Association and is a certified dental assistant. She is active in the Washington State Dental Assisting Association, has served as a consultant for the American Dental Association for seventeen years and was a Commissioner for the American Dental Association, appointed by the American Dental Assistants Association.

      Judy Halstead is retired after thirty years as a dental assisting instructor and more than fifteen years as a practicing dental assistant. Formerly the dental assisting program director for a private college and a high school skills center, Ms. Halstead was active with local, state, and national Dental Assistant Associations for thirty-five years, serving as president of the Washington State chapter. She often presented lectures and workshops at local, state, and regional dental conferences, and served as an American Dental Association consultant. Ms. Halstead earned a BA from Eastern Washington University, is a certified dental assistant, and holds an expanded functions certificate.