Welding for Arts and Crafts 1st Edition
Dewayne Roy
ISBN-13: 9780766818965 | ISBN-10: 0766818969
© 2003 | Published |  85  Pages

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Discover the trade secrets that will make welding metal artwork easier! Welding for Arts and Crafts features 85 pages of easy-to-understand diagrams and simple, step-by-step instructions for creating some of the most attractive welded creations - from animals and yard art, to functional household items, to seasonal projects such as gift boxes, snowmen, heart-shaped tables, and more! No prior welding experience is assumed, making this book ideal for amateurs and hobbyists who want to learn how to create first-rate welded sculptures and welded furniture.

  • I. Introduction II. Welding Equipment III. Welding Safety IV. Yard Art a. shovel angel, b. shovel cowboy, c. railroad spike critters, d. topiaries, e. angel plant holder, f. flowers, g. metal birdhouse. V. Seasonal Projects a. pumpkin, b. snowman, c. apple, d. giftbox, e. heart shaped table. VI. Animals a. pelican, b. seagull, c. dog plant hanger, d. cat plant holder, e. horses, f. turkey, g. hummingbird. VII. Household Items a. candle holder, b. wine bottle holder, c. table lamp, d. tractor seat bar stool, e. floor lamp, f. beverage holder, g. single wine bottle holder, h. picture frame, i. small patio table, j. coat rack (wall mounted), k. coat rack (free standing).

    • All projects have been built by the author and tested to ensure that the hobbyist may complete them successfully.
    • Step-by-step, how-to instructions assist novices in learning to use welding as a sculpting tool
    • Project patterns may be readily altered or embellished by the metal sculptor to create unique and distinctive works.
    • This book may be used alone, or in conjunction with a comprehensive welding textbook, to spur creativity while providing the foundation in welding techniques needed to achieve professional results.
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    • DeWayne Roy has beeen a welding insturctor at Mount View College in Dallas. He is also an underwater welder with clients throughout the world. DeWayne has worked with us on Jeffus ancillaries in the past and has proven himself to be a capable and talented writer. He has also worked on various other Delmar Thomson Learning titles.