Technician's Guide to Fiber Optics 4th Edition
Leo Chartrand | Donald J. Sterling Jr.
ISBN-13: 9781401812706 | ISBN-10: 1401812708
© 2004 | Published |  384  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780766801714

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An excellent primer for students beginning to study the subject, this current edition provides a practical, real-world perspective on the fundamentals of fiber optic technology and optical communications. It examines the reasons that optical fibers are the preferred communications medium, surpassing copper wire in all performance measures. A thorough explanation of how fibers work is offered, as well as useful coverage of other related optical components and how those components fit into system-level applications. Premises (LAN), metro, 10G Ethernet, and long-haul applications are also briefly surveyed.

  • PART ONE: The Communications Revolution.Information Transmission.Fiber Optics as a Communications Medium: Its Advantages.Light. PART TWO: The Optical Fiber.Fiber Characteristics.Fiber-Optic Cables.Sources.Detectors.Transmitters and Receivers.Connectors and Splices.Wavelength-Management Devices.PART THREE: The Fiber-Optic Link.Fiber Optic Cable Installation and Hardware.Fiber-Optic systems: Enterprise (Premises).Fiber-Optic Systems: Telecommunications and Broadband.Introduction to Test Equipment

    • information new to this edition includes coarse wavelength division multiplexing and small-form-factor transceivers/connectors
    • new types of application-specific fibers and holey fibers are discussed
    • new coverage of the evolution of tunable components and VCSELs helps keep readers current on the technology
    • real-world examples bridge the gap between the theory of fiber and its applications in communications
    • writing style is easy-to-read and understand with numerous illustrations that help concepts come alive
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    • Mr. Chartrand holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Queen¿s university in Kingston Ontario. He has been teaching digital courses for 20 years at Niagara College in Welland , Ontario. Mr. Chartrand has made industry contributions with various designs including interfacing an infrared camera to a PC, creating a digital circuit board used as a PC training system, and designing a control pendant for an air-filled medical bed. He also worked as a plant engineer for General Motors.

      Donald J. Sterling, Jr. has over 25 years of experience as a technical and ad copywriter in the areas of electronics and high technology. He has worked with AMP, Lucent Technologies, Agere Systems, ExceLight Communications, and other leaders in optical communications. Currently, Mr. Sterling is working for an advertising agency that deals with high technology. In addition to this book, he has also written related books, which include coverage of fibers in specific applications.