Elementary Blueprint Reading for Machinists 5th Edition
David L. Taylor
ISBN-13: 9781401862565 | ISBN-10: 140186256X
© 2003 | Published |  176  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780827372412

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Master the basics of print interpretation! Updated to the latest ANSI standards, Elementary Blueprint Reading for Machinists, 5th Edition is a "must" for beginning machine trades students and apprentices alike. Twenty instructional units provide all-inclusive coverage of progressively difficult topics, such as: the alphabet of lines, orthographic projection, arrangement of views, application of dimensions and tolerances, machining processes, and more. Ideal for self-paced learning; opportunities for learning to sketch objects are included in many units.

  • Preface.Unit 1 Industrial Drawings.Unit 2 Title Blocks.Unit 3 Lines and Symbols.Unit 4 Orthographic Projection.Unit 5 One-View Drawings.Unit 6 Two-View Drawings.Unit 7 Three-View Drawings.Unit 8 Auxiliary Views.Unit 9 Dimensions and Tolerances.Unit 10 Decimal Dimensions and Tolerances.Unit 11 Dimensioning Angles.Unit 12 Dimensioning Holes.Unit 13 Metric Dimensions.Unit 14 Full Sections.Unit 15 Half Sections.Unit 16 Revisions or Change Notes.Unit17 Counterbores, Countersinks, and Spotfaces.Unit 18 Fillets, Rounds, and Slots.Unit 19 Machining Symbols, Bosses, and Pads.Unit 20 Tapers, Chamfers, and Bevels.Unit 21 Necks and Knurling.Unit 22 Keyseats and Flats.Unit 23 Screw Thread Specification.Unit 24 Screw Thread Representation.Unit 25 Assembly Drawings.Unit 26 Fractional Parts.Unit 27 Decimal Parts.APPENDIX Standard Abbreviations.INDEX.

    • sample prints appear at the end of each concise unit, providing timely opportunities to practice newly learned skills
    • isometric views are used whenever possible, helping users develop the ability to read and interpret prints
    • workbook-style format and logical topic sequencing makes it easy to learn from the text, eliminating the need for additional references
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    • David L. Taylor holds an MS in Adult Education from Penn State University and a BS in Vocational Technical Education from SUNY Buffalo. Mr. Taylor has taught courses in machine trades, print reading, and design at Jamestown Community College and several New York State Voc. Ed. Tech. Centers. In addition to being the author of four BPR textbooks for Thomson Delmar Learning, he is also a Journeyman Tool and Die maker.