Delmar's Teaching Ideas and Classroom Activities for Health Care 1st Edition
Susan Royce | Lee Haroun
ISBN-13: 9780766844902 | ISBN-10: 0766844900
© 2004 | Published |  416  Pages

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Teaching Ideas and Classroom Activities for Health Care offers creative and innovative ways to teach basic principles in a wide variety of health care areas as well as team building and cultural awareness. This book is intended for busy professionals who are looking for new ways to help reinforce learning. The activities were designed to provide hands-on learning, to engage students in a variety of learning styles, and provide materials for teaching topics not always addressed in subject matter textbooks.

  • Unit 1 Health Care Basics. Chapter 1 Medical Terminology. Chapter 2 Anatomy & Physiology. Chapter 3 Vital Signs, Wellness, and Prevention. Chapter 4 Standard Precautions and Emergency Procedures. Chapter 5 Medical Math. Unit 2 Interpersonal Relations. Chapter 6 Diversity. Chapter 7 Empathy. Chapter 8 Working as a Team Member. Chapter 9 Dealing with Conflict . Unit 3 Thinking. Chapter 10 Critical Thinking. Chapter 11 Problem-Solving and Decision-Making. Unit 4 Communication. Chapter 12 Communication. Chapter 13 Telephone Technique. Chapter 14 Patient Education. Chapter 15 Documentation. Unit 5 Personal Attributes and Professionalism. Chapter 16 Attitude and Personal Motivation. Chapter 17 Goal Setting and Time Management. Chapter 18 Work Habits, Ethics, and Confidentiality.

    • Contains activities that apply to all health care programs
    • Covers a wide variety of topics, so activities may be added to the classroom routine several times during a course or program
    • Different activities are included for each topic area
    • Learning objectives make it easy to identify appropriate activities for the content or skills being taught
    • Simple, yet interactive activities included
    • An annotated table of contents enables users to quickly identify potentially appropriate activities at a glance
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    • Lee Haroun, MA Education, MBA, Ed.D has over 35 years experience in education as a teacher, administrator, and writer. She has worked with hundreds of health care students and has a special interest in helping them succeed and become successful professionals. Her work has included coordinating the development of curriculum for a variety of programs, including occupational therapy assistant, patient care technician, health information technician, and insurance coder. Another professional interest is helping instructors succeed and her doctoral dissertation explored the transition of health care professionals from the field to the classroom. Lee is the author of Career Development for Health Professionals (Elsevier Science); co-author of Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Survival Guide with Bonnie Napier-Tibere (F.A. Davis); co-author of Teaching Ideas and Classroom Activities for Health Care with Susan Royce (Delmar Learning); and technical writer for Essentials of Health & Wellness by James Robinson and Deborah McCormick (Delmar Learning). She also developed video content and scripts for Delmar¿s Career Success for Health Care Professionals DVD Series, content for health care career exploration software published by Delmar Learning, and numerous instructional materials for a variety of publishers.