Technical Analysis and Applications with MATLAB 1st Edition
W.D. Stanley
ISBN-13: 9781401864811 | ISBN-10: 1401864813
© 2005 | Published |  480  Pages

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This text combines technical and engineering mathematical concepts at a basic level using MATLAB® for support and analysis. Once math concepts are introduced and understood using conventional techniques, MATLAB® is then used as the primary tool for performing mathematical analysis. Featuring practical technical examples and problems, the text is designed for math courses within an engineering technology or engineering program or any courses where MATLAB is used as a supporting tool. The text provides a review of differential and integral calculus with an emphasis on applications to technical problems.

  • 1. Matlab Primer.
    2. Matrices.
    3. Matrix Algebra With Matlab.
    4. Curve Plotting With Matlab.
    5. Common Mathematical Functions And Their Properties.
    6. Differential Calculus.
    7. Integral Calculus.
    8. Calculus Operations With Matlab.
    9. Differential Equations: Classical Methods.
    10. Differential Equations: Laplace Transform Methods.
    11. Solution Of Differential Equations With Matlab.
    12. Introduction To Statistics.
    13. Curve Fitting And Correlation.
    14. Introduction To Spatial Vector Analysis.
    15. Complex Numbers.
    16. Fourier Analysis With Matlab.

    • Presents many application problems relevant to real-life engineering technology or engineering utilizing both analytical methods and MATLAB
    • Provides introductory treatment of MATLAB for any readers with no prior knowledge of the software
    • Covers numerous advanced topics developed in a simplified manner, including differential equations, Laplace transforms, statistics, curve-fitting, vector analysis, complex numbers, and Fourier analysis
    • Basic mathematical techniques are covered using simple numbers to ensure that readers understand concepts before being shown how operations are implemented with MATLAB
    • Numerous worked-out examples and problems to help improve math and programming skills
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    • William D. Stanley is an Eminent Professor Emeritus at Old Dominion University and was the recipient of the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award. He received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree at the University of South Carolina. Mr. Stanley also received both his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at the University of North Carolina. Mr. Stanley is a registered professional engineer and a member of IEEE and ASEE.