Web Design for Teens 1st Edition
Maneesh Sethi
ISBN-13: 9781592006076 | ISBN-10: 1592006078
© 2005 | Published |  248  Pages

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"Web Design for Teens" focuses on the creation and design of Web sites. Using HTML and some basic Web design programs, the book teaches the reader how to skillfully go from a blank slate (such as in Notepad) to a professionally designed Web site. As more and more teenagers and preteens learn about Web sites early in their school years, there is clearly a market for this teen-focused book. Schools are teaching HTML and Web design as early as fifth and sixth grade. Starting with the basics, readers learn the components of a clean web site and what goes into it. Readers then continue on to HTML, Web site design and to how to purchase a domain name as well as host a Web site so others can view it on the Internet. Readers will also be able to take the lessons from the book and build upon them to create even better and more complex sites. In addition, the book provides some directions on how to expand a Web site through JavaScript, Perl, or other scripting languages. Written from the perspective of a teen who, himself, has found success in the world of technology, this book appeals to the young reader in an informative, yet accessible, tone.

  • Part 1. Introduction to Web Design
    1. Getting to Know Web Sites
    2. Welcome to Design
    3. What in a Web Site?

    Part 2. Coding in HTML
    4. Getting Comfortable with HTML
    5. Working with Images and Text
    6. Hyperlinks, Lists, and Forms
    7. Tables and Multimedia
    8. Cascading Style Sheets

    Part 3. Breaking into Design
    9. Navigation
    10. Choosing and Creating Images
    11. Working with Text
    12. Compatibility and Cleanliness Issues

    Part 4. Everything else
    13. Going Online
    14. Getting Traffic

    Appendix A. List of HTML Tags
    Appendix B. Glossary
    Appendix C. Guide to the Companion Web Sites

    • Specifically geared towards teens, this book covers the ever-popular and rapidly expanding topic of Web site design.
    • Readers are guided from knowing little about computers to being an intermediate or advanced Web designer�therefore allowing the book to be used by experienced Web designers who wish to improve their ability as well as complete beginners.
    • Written by the author of the very successful �Game Programming for Teens� (1592000681), Maneesh Sethi.
    • Provides a method for teens to enhance their knowledge about computers through the Internet and put it to good use by creating and designing Websites.
    • Includes demos of complete Web site products to make it easier for the reader to use the programming techniques within the book.
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    • Maneesh Sethi is a student at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. As a high-school student, Sethi founded Standard Design, a web-site design company. He is the author of Game Programming For Teens, first and second editions, and Web Design For Teens. Sethi lectures on game programming topics at conferences across the country and has been a guest on G4TechTV. Visit his web site at www.maneeshsethi.com.