Exploring Interface Design 1st Edition
Marc Silver
ISBN-13: 9781401837396 | ISBN-10: 1401837395
© 2005 | Published |  320  Pages

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The user interface -the all-important point of contact between people and technology- is the key to unlocking the full potential of multimedia and the Internet. With a balanced blend of theory and practice, this timely new book explores the art and science of user interface design, teaching a step-by-step methodology guaranteed to result in a productive and rewarding user experience.

A no-nonsense, hands-on approach teaches best practice by proposing design problems, presenting potential solutions, and then analyzing each approach to determine which works best and why. Drawing on his years of experience, author Marc Silver deconstructs several commercial multimedia and website interfaces, showing where they succeed and where they fail, and offering workable redesign suggestions to help readers better understand the principles they've learned.

Armed with the knowledge gained from Exploring Interface Design, readers will be able to confidently apply interface design principles to their own design projects and achieve stunning results.

  • Realizing the Power of Multimedia and Web.
    The Art of Designing Elegant Software.
    The User Interface Design Process.Goal Setting and Need Assessment.
    Creativity and Idea Generation.Menus and Controls.
    Designing Usable Navigation.Solving Design Problems.
    The Visual Display of Data.
    Writing for Usability.Designing for Accessibility.
    Specifying the Design.Performing Usability Testing.
    The User Interface Designer in Professional Practice.

    • Offers a thorough examination of the art of designing multimedia products and websites that are usable, engaging, and user-oriented
    • Dozens of results-oriented tips, hints, and techniques prepare readers to handle the demanding challenges of creating interfaces that meet client and market needs
    • Illustrations and critiques of multimedia and website interfaces provide first-hand knowledge of the methods and techniques used by successful interface designers
    • Clearly lays out the methodology and practical skills needed to design and implement user interfaces, from understanding the user's needs to creating clean navigation systems
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    • For the past 20 years, Marc Silver has been designing award-winning multimedia software, websites, and large-scale Web applications. His design experience spans the corporate, educational, and game design markets. Marc's design methodology, honed during the creation of more than 100 commercial products, results in software products and websites that are innovative, highly usable, and directly tailored to the needs of the end user. Currently Marc is the Executive Director, Digital Strategy and User Experience at ETS (Educational Testing Service) in Princeton, NJ.