Ozark Zoological Park: A Word Processing Simulation 2nd Edition
Chris Stiegler
ISBN-13: 9780538439510 | ISBN-10: 0538439513
© 2005 | Published |  144  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780538623452

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Ozark Zoological Park, a revision of Fun & Games International, is an intermediate-level simulation that combines the appeal of international business with a review of basic keyboarding and word processing skills. By participating in the information processing tasks of a city zoo and a variety of game activities, users reinforce basic abilities in reading, research, problem solving, math, geography, and history. Zoo activities touch on topics such as customer service, international markets, and international shipping processes.

  • Preface
    Introduction to a Global Economy
    Welcome to Ozark Zoological Park
    You and the Zoo
    Pre-Employment Activity
    Enrichment Activity A: Application Process
    Enrichment Activity B: Interview Preparation
    Enrichment Activity C: Internet Research

    Job 1: One-Page Memo: Zoo Animals & International Markets
    Enrichment Activity: Organizational Chart
    Enrichment Activity: Internet Research—Zoos

    Job 2: Table: Import/Export Terms
    Enrichment Activity 2-1: Import/Export Terms Review
    Enrichment Activity 2-2: Editing
    Enrichment Activity 2-3: Entry Locations for Wildlife
    Enrichment Activity 2-4: Internet Research--Pandas

    Job 3: Interoffice Memo: International Telephone Calls
    Enrichment Activity 3-1: Time Zones
    Enrichment Activity 3-2: Time Zones Calculations
    Enrichment Activity 3-3: Internet Research: 24-Hour Time

    Job 4: E-Mail: Hospitality and Customer Service
    Enrichment Activity 4-1: Languages and Countries
    Enrichment Activity 4-2: Locations of Countries
    Enrichment Activity 4-3: Endangered Species
    Enrichment Activity 4-4: Internet Research--Endangered Species

    Job 5: Three-Page Report: Customs & Manners in Japan
    Enrichment Activity 5-1: Etiquette Mistakes
    Enrichment Activity 5-2: Internet Research--British English

    Job 6: Personal Business Letter: Information Request
    Enrichment Activity 6-1: Metric Measurements
    Enrichment Activity 6-2: Internet Research--Metric Measurements

    Job 7: Interoffice Memo: Greetings and Business Cards
    Enrichment Activity 7-1: Foreign Language Vocabulary
    Enrichment Activity 7-2: Internet Research--Language Translators

    Jobs 1-7 Performance Review & Production Problem Rating Guide

    Job 8: Block Letter: Order/Shipping Process for Mexico
    Enrichment Activity 8-1: A Matter of Ethics
    Enrichment Activity 8-2: Internet Research--Student Ethics

    Job 9: Unbound Report: Culture of Africa
    Enrichment Activity 9-1: Currency Exchange Rates
    Enrichment Activity 9-2: Internet Research--Euro

    Job 10: Report with Footnotes: Canadian Culture
    Enrichment Activity 10-1: Cultural Diversity
    Enrichment Activity 10-2: Internet Research—Canadian Zoos

    Job 11: Leftbound Report: Japanese Culture
    Enrichment Activity 11-1: Cultural Review
    Enrichment Activity 11-2: Internet Research—Geography of Japan

    Job 12: Modified Block Letter: Zoo Membership
    Enrichment Activity 12-1: Form Letter
    Enrichment Activity 12-2: Slang Expressions
    Enrichment Activity12-3: Internet Research—Online Slang Dictionaries

    Job 13: Block Letter with Table: Order Confirmation
    Enrichment Activity 13-1: Ethnic Foods in the United States
    Enrichment Activity 13-2: Favorite Ethnic Food
    Enrichment Activity 13-3: Internet Research—Zoo Animal Foods

    Job 14: Table and One-Page Report: Travel Assistance
    Enrichment Activity 14-1: Geography Review
    Enrichment Activity 14-2: Internet Research—Travel Tips

    Job 15: One-Page Table: Tour Itinerary
    Enrichment Activity 15-1: Second Language Reference Table
    Enrichment Activity 15-2: Translation Research

    Jobs 8-15 Performance & Production Problem Rating Guide

    Reference Manual

    • Emphasizes proper formatting of common office documents to build skills.
    • Provides insight on various cultures and information processing activities in a business setting.
    • Includes FYI items throughout that provide additional information about zoos and international business activities.
    • After each of the 15 jobs in this simulation, there is an Enrichment Activity to help learn more about communication in a global economy and strengthening research, problem solving, and Internet research skills.
    • A variety of game activities are provided to practice and reinforce vocabulary and basic skills in geography, math, and history.
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    • Teacher's Manual & Key for Stiegler's Ozark Zoological Park
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      Teacher's Manual & Key contains document solutions and short answers.
      Instructor's Resource CD for Stiegler's Ozark Zoological Park
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