Health Unit Coordinator: 21st Century Professional 1st Edition
Donna J. Kuhns | Patricia Noonan Rice | Linda L. Winslow
ISBN-13: 9781401827052 | ISBN-10: 1401827055
© 2005 | Published |  640  Pages

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The book thoroughly explains the health unit coordinating profession and its responsibilities from the stages of a learner to a job seeker to a new employee to a seasoned health care team member. The book can be used to learn the basics, to prepare for the national certification exam, as an on-the-job reference, and as a training resource for the health unit coordinator preceptor. The book addresses the health care environment and team members and the health unit coordinator's role in that environment in effectively transcribing the physician's orders and coordinating the non-clinical tasks.

  • Section 1 Health Unit Coordinating. Chapter 1 History of Health Unit Coordination. Chapter 2 Profession of Health Unit Coordinating. Chapter 3 Health Care Team. Chapter 4 Patient Care Delivery Systems. Section 2 Coordination of the Unit/Department. Chapter 5 Your Department. Chapter 6 Ancillary Departments. Chapter 7 Support Departments. Chapter 8 Administration. Chapter 9 Supplies and Service Management. Chapter 10 Healthy Environment/Safety. Section 3 Management of Information. Chapter 11 Confidentiality. Chapter 12 Patient Rights/Responsibilities. Chapter 13 Patient Care Record. Chapter 14 Admissions, Transfers, Dismissals. Section 4 Communications. Chapter 15 Communication Skills. Chapter 16 Communication Equipment. Chapter 17 Orientation and Training Personnel. Section 5 Critical Thinking. Chapter 18 Critical Thinking, Problem Identification and Resources, Prioritization, Decision Making, Multi-Tasking. Chapter 19 Diversity. Section 6 Medical Terminology. Chapter 20 Introduction to Medical Terms. Chapter 21 Body Structure. Chapter 22 Abbreviations/Symbols. Section 7 Order Transcription. Chapter 23 The Process. Chapter 24 Laboratory. Chapter 25 Diagnostics. Chapter 26 Nutrition Services. Chapter 27 Nursing. Chapter 28 Medication and Intravenous Therapy Orders. Chapter 29 Therapy. Chapter 30 Surgery, Pre and Post-operative. Chapter 31 Support Services. Chapter 32 Professional Development

    • Walks readers through everything they need to know to become a certified Health Unit Coordinator from the value of teamwork and the importance of patient confidentiality to administrative tasks such as transcription and record-keeping
    • Content is based on the NAHUC national certification exam content outline
    • Ideal as a study guide for the national certification exam
    • Emphasizes health unit coordinating as a profession
    • A FREE Transcription Practice CD-ROM allows learners clinical practice transcribing physicians´┐Ż orders
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    • Instructor's Manual for Kuhns/Rice/Winslow's Health Unit Coordinator: 21st Century Professional
      ISBN-10: 1401827063 | ISBN-13:9781401827069
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      Includes: Learning Objectives, lists of teaching aides needed to help present material, Reference Lists, Class Activities, Chapter Quizzes with answers and answers to Chapter Review Questions in the book.
      Computerized TestBank for Kuhns/Rice/Winslow's Health Unit Coordinator: 21st Century Professional
      ISBN-10: 140182708X | ISBN-13:9781401827083
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      Includes: a database of over 700 questions and answers from which to build tests and quizzes for each chapter of the book.

    • Donna J. Kuhns, CHUC, Health Unit Coordinator Instructor, Aurora Health Care, Milwaukee Wisconsin

      Patricia Noonan Rice, BA, CHUC, Former Health Unit Coordinator Program & Staff Development Instructor, Rockford Health Systems, Former Adjunct Faculty, Rock Valley College, Rockford, Illinois

      Linda L. Winslow, BS, CHUC, Staff Development Coordinator, Marquette General Health System, Marquette, Michigan