Grammar and Writing Skills for the Health Professional 2nd Edition
Lorraine Villemaire | Doreen Villemaire
ISBN-13: 9781401873745 | ISBN-10: 140187374X
© 2006 | Published |  320  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780766812598

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The rules and standards of The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) make it more important than ever that health professionals be clear in their written communications. Grammar and Writing Skills for the Health Professional, 2e applies the fundamentals of English grammar and the writing process to sentence and paragraph structures used in medical reporting, charting and documentation. This book focuses exclusively on the writing concerns of the health care worker and is perfect for you to use in class and as a reference.

  • 1. Guidelines for Effective Writing, 2. Nouns (Medical Letter), 3. Pronouns (Memo and Electronic Mail), 4. Verbs (Medical Records), 5. Sentences (Charting and Documenting), 6. Punctuation (medical reports: History and Physical), 7. Adjectives Medical Reorts: Radiology, Pathology, Discharge Summary, Operative), 8. Adverbs (Phone Messages, Facsimile, Minutes of a Meeting), 9. Prepositions and Conjunctions (Research, Manuscript, Grant), 10. Clauses, Phrases Promotional Wriging, 11. Paragraphs

    • Logical Organization! Grammar and medical documents chapters are combined so you can apply grammar principles to actual health care scenarios.
    • Comprehensive Reviews at end of each chapter help synthesize the skills you have learned.
    • Medical spelling and abbreviation translation exercises encourage the mastery of medical language.
    • Practice Exercises and Skills Review in each chapter enable you to check your understanding of chapter concepts.
    • Writing Process chapter in the beginning of the book emphasizes the importance of quality writing. Practice exercises and �Skills Review� in each chapter enable you to check your understanding of chapter concepts.
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  • Instructor's Manual for Villemaire/Villemaire's Grammar & Writing Skills for the Health Professional, 2nd
    ISBN-10: 1401873758 | ISBN-13:9781401873752
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    Includes: answers to Practice Questions, Skills Review, and Comprehensive Review Questions in the book.
    Computerized Testbank for Villemaire/Villemaire's Grammar & Writing Skills for the Health Professional, 2nd
    ISBN-10: 1401873766 | ISBN-13:9781401873769
    List Price = 503.95
    Includes: a database of over 500 questions and answers from which to build tests and quizzes for each chapter of the book.

  • Lorraine Villemaire, B.A., M.A.
    Adult Basic Education Consultant ¿ Massachusetts Career Development Institute, Springfield, MA

    Lorraine has years of experience as an elementary, high school, English as a Second Language, adult education and college teacher. Her other areas of expertise include the development of Competency-Based Vocational Educational (CBVE) curricula on numerous topics, an administrator of vocational/occupational schools and experience in personnel work and career transitions.

    Doreen Villemaire, M.Ed, RN, CMA possesses a vast range of experiences as an intravenous, PACU, ICU, and pediatric nurse. As a health administrator, she was involved in initially developing an IV department, hypermentaliation program and procedures for effective patient treatment. She integrated her nursing skills and teaching experiences from both private and public schools to teach courses in health education on the college level.