Premises Cabling 3rd Edition
Donald J. Sterling Jr. | Les Baxter, P.E.
ISBN-13: 9781401898205 | ISBN-10: 1401898203
© 2006 | Published |  320  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780766817357

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There is no better introduction to premises cabling, its components, and its varieties than this basic yet technically accurate presentation of structured cabling systems for both business and home. Now in its Third Edition, Premises Cabling has been updated and revised to reflect the latest developments in the industry, such as the Augmented Category 6 UTP cable, the 10GBASE-T Ethernet standard, application-oriented data center cabling, industrial cabling, wireless networks, and more. With the growing importance of standards-based systems, this book is built around various standards for generic cabling systems, such as TIA/EIA-569B for commercial buildings and -570B for homes.

  • 1.Introduction
    2.Copper Cables
    3.Fiber Optics
    4.Connectors and Interconnection Hardware
    6.System Considerations
    7.Application-Oriented Cabling Standards
    8.Installing Cabling Systems
    9.Certifying the Cabling System
    10. Documenting and Administrating the Cabling System
    11. Residential Cabling Systems
    Premises Cabling Specification
    Abbreviations and Acronyms
    Cable Color Codes
    Further Reading

    • updated to reflect new network standards including 10 gigabit Ethernet, new performance requirements such as alien crosswalk specifications, and new developments in fiber optics including laser-optimized 50 micron multimode fibers
    • features a concise, informative, and reader-friendly style that depicts the various performance parameters of cabling systems and how all of the parts fit together
    • focused, standards-based coverage is non-vendor specific and has widespread application to all manufacturers' products in a variety of settings
    • particular attention has been given to providing complete and usable information that can be applied to an array of real-world problems
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    • Donald J. Sterling, Jr. has over 25 years of experience as a technical and ad copywriter in the areas of electronics and high technology. He has worked with AMP, Lucent Technologies, Agere Systems, ExceLight Communications, and other leaders in optical communications. Currently, Mr. Sterling is working for an advertising agency that deals with high technology. In addition to this book, he has also written related books, which include coverage of fibers in specific applications.

      Les Baxter was employed at Bell Laboratories for 24 years and is the founder of Baxter Enterprises, a consulting firm specializing in the architecture and development of telecommunications products, systems, and applications. He is a registered Professional Engineer in New Jersey and a Senior Member of the IEEE. His education includes an MSEE from the University of Delaware, a BSEE from Rochester Institute of Technology, and a mini-MBA in Global Business from Penn State. He has published more than 30 articles in technical and trade publications and has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences. He has contributed to a number of EIA/TIA, IEEE, and ISO/IEC standards and is currently the secretary of the IEEE P1394c Working Group.