Applied Programmable Logic Control Lab Manual 1st Edition
Daniel Nichols
ISBN-13: 9781401899677 | ISBN-10: 1401899676
© 2006 | Published |  144  Pages

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Learning programmable logic controllers (PLCs) can be fun when users are able to make connections with familiar control systems like conveyer belts and traffic lights! This innovative Lab Manual uses projects and examples that are based on everyday automated control systems to provide readers with a clear understanding of the "hows" and "whys" involved in the use of latches, timers, counters, sensors, relays, and more. A comprehensive introduction to ladder logic diagrams and PLCs sets the stage for more than 50 project-based lab exercises that effectively expose users to a number of control situations for active, "hands-on" learning.

  • Preface
    Chapter 1 Introduction to Ladder Logic Diagrams and PLCs
    Chapter 2 Latches
    Chapter 3 Logic Gates
    Chapter 4 Timers
    Chapter 5 Drum Sequencers
    Chapter 6 Counters
    Chapter 7 Motor Control
    Chapter 8 PLCs'' with ADCs'' and DACs''
    Appendix A References
    Appendix B Data Sheets

    • while the programs in this manual are written for Automation Direct's DL05 PLC using their DirectSoft32 software, the ideas and program layouts are universal and can be applied to any PLC
    • cleverly relates principles of automated control to such common systems as burglar alarms, microwave ovens, washing machines, and drawbridges for a clearer understanding of the material
    • coverage of Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs) and Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) is included
    • compelling and well-thought out lab exercises provide readers with in-depth experience in a variety of scenarios that enhance the learning process
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    • Dr. Daniel Nichols is a Professor at DeVry University in Chicago, Illinois.