Materials and Procedures for Today’s Dental Assistant 1st Edition
Ellen Dietz-Bourguignon
ISBN-13: 9781401837334 | ISBN-10: 1401837336
© 2006 | Published |  296  Pages

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This innovative and easy-to-use book provides you with the information necessary to build an exciting career as a Dental Assistant. Inside, you'll find numerous learning aids such as boldfaced key terms, critical thinking questions, highlighted "Did You Know?" sections that point out important information, and "Practice Makes Perfect" skill sheets, which provide step-by-step guidance for you to effectively perform the procedures presented in the book. Whether you are looking to hone your skills or are just learning about the field, Materials and Procedures for Today's Dental Assistant will give you the knowledge you need to be a successful Dental Assistant.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Dental Materials and Related Information. Section I Cements and Liners. Chapter 2: Preliminary Restorative Dental Materials. Chapter 3: Dental Cements. Section II Restorative Materials. Chapter 4: Restorative Dental Materials. Section II Impression Materials. Chapter 5: Dental Impression Materials. Section IV Gypsum Materials. Chapter 6: Dental Gypsum Materials. Section V Related Dental Materials. Chapter 7. Dental Waxes. Chapter 8: Dental Resins. Chapter 9: Preventive Dental Materials, Bleaching Materials, Periodontal Dressings, and Endodontic Sealers and Cements. Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Dental Materials and Hazardous Substances.

    • Meets the DANB objectives for the dental materials portion of the national certification test
    • Assessment sheets that mirror the procedure skill sheets are provided for you or an instructor to evaluate your mastery of the procedures
    • Packaged free with the book is a StudyWARE CD-ROM that provides additional study questions, activities, case studies, and selected color images from the book�a fun way to test your knowledge
    • End of chapter posttest questions help you prepare for upcoming exams and assess your knowledge of the chapter material
    • A Special Consideration section, consisting of safety and procedural tips, follows each procedure for easy reference
    For more information about these supplements, or to obtain them, contact your Learning Consultant

    • Instructor’s Manual to Dietz-Bourguignon's Materials and Procedures for Today’s Dental Assistant
      ISBN-10: 1401837344 | ISBN-13:9781401837341
      List Price = 26.95
      Answers to critical thinking and posttest questions in text, ideas for student exercises, and a copy of all Practice Makes Perfect Procedure Assessment Forms.

    • Ellen Dietz-Bourguignon, CDA, AAS, BS is an Associate Degreed CDA and has a BS in Allied Health Education in Dental Auxiliary Utilization. Ellen also holds a Community College Teaching Certificate from Suny Albany, has been Managing Editor of Dental Assisting Magazine, and has published ten books, including Dental Office Management and Safety Standards and Infection Control for Dental Assistants, both which are Thomson Delmar Learning textbooks.