TouchAbilities®: Essential Connections 1st Edition
Iris Burman | Sandy Friedland
ISBN-13: 9781418048334 | ISBN-10: 141804833X
© 2006 | Published |  376  Pages

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TouchAbilities®: Essential Connections, is a trailblazing work that examines the core characteristics of the many BodyWork modalities practiced today. It presents a common language for all BodyWork practitioners. Using simple and practical examples, the book navigates the reader through universal and recurring concepts and techniques that are represented in various schools of thought. As an introductory guide, it distills all major BodyWork techniques into a familiar palette of touch options from which modalities can be created and developed.

  • Foreword by Sandy Fritz
    About the Authors
    Contributor Page
    Navigating Through This Book
    PART I: TouchAbilities Fundamentals
    Chapter 1: BodyViews
    Chapter 2: Historical Development
    Chapter 3: TouchAbilities Essential Connections
    Chapter 4: Presence - Jack Blackburn
    Chapter 5: Body Mechanics
    Chapter 6: Ergonomics - Linda Riach
    PART II: TouchAbilities Components
    Chapter 7: Breathing Component
    Chapter 8: Cognitive Component
    Chapter 9: Energetic Component
    Chapter 10: Compression Component
    Chapter 11: Expansion Component
    Chapter 12: Kinetic Component
    Chapter 13: Oscillation Component
    Chapter 14: Gliding Component
    PART III: Sensory Experience
    Chapter 15: Palpation
    Chapter 16: SenseAbilities
    PART IV: Basic Understandings
    Chapter 17: Effects of BodyWork - Richard Schekter
    Chapter 18: Indications and Contraindications - Richard Schekter
    Chapter 19: Endangerment Sites - Richard Schekter
    Chapter 20: Practice Errors
    Part V: Becoming an Integrated BodyWorker
    Chapter 21: Putting it all into Practice
    Chapter 22: Attaining Mastery
    Chapter 23: Linking TouchAbilities to Modalities
    Practitioners Actions
    Research Citations

    • Identifies foundational concepts and links TouchAbilities® skills with over 30 major BodyWork modalities
    • Highlights universal principles of body mechanics and discusses ergonomics, effects, and presence
    • Features "intentions" for each skill, providing a broad spectrum of options for touch applications
    • Introduces SenseAbilitiesTM a new sense awareness vocabulary for BodyWork practitioners
    • Presents a highly visual and interactive framework for learning with engaging illustrations and "experiential" activities
    • Includes a comprehensive glossary, an index of physical actions used by BodyWork practitioners, and research citations that validate effects where such data is available
    • "It has a friendly tone, and the information is clear and engaging. I particularly enjoyed the flow of topic descriptions to intentions to practitioner’s actions… I think this would be a great book in a survey class as well as a basic massage class."

      - Cherie Sohnen-Moe
      Author of Business Mastery and The Ethics of Touch

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    • Iris Burman, L.M.T., N.C.T.M.B. is Co-Founder, Owner, and the Director of Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami, Florida since 1981 (one of approximately 80 COMTA accredited massage schools in the United States out of approximately 1,300 available programs). Iris was on the committee that developed COMTA (Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation) and served as a founding member of the COMTA commission during its beginning years. She was on the executive committee of the AMTA Council of Schools for four years and received a distinguished service award from the Massage Therapy Foundation for her service as a pioneer member of the advisory committee for the AMTA Foundation. Iris, a practicing BodyWorker for nearly 30 years and an educator for more than 24 years, has studied many modalities and achieved certifications in Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Trager Approach and Neuromuscular Therapy. Her background includes training in Psychology and Gestalt Therapy.

      Sandy Friedland, L.M.T., has been in the field since 1987 and has taught at Educating Hands School of Massage since 1991. She and Iris are contributing authors to the recently published book, Principles and Practices of Manual Therapeutics, part of a series of medical guides that focuses on complementary and alternative medicine. They also designed and co-teach a BodyWork Mastery Course which specifically focuses on developing and refining a practitioner¿s unique touch signature. A co-creator of TouchAbilities®, the innovative and fundamental paradigm for teaching touch, Sandy also developed and teaches the aquatic BodyWork modality, Multi-Dimensional Movements Arts®. Her work and teaching explores the mystery of the body and reflects an education in anthropology, philosophy and psychology, as well as training in modalities such as Craniosacral Therapy, Connective Tissue Unwinding, Polarity, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Trager and Oriental Medicine.