Property Inspector’s Guide to Codes, Forms, and Complaints, 2006 Edition 1st Edition
Linda Pieczynski
ISBN-13: 9781418016098 | ISBN-10: 1418016098
© 2007 | Published |  336  Pages

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Inspectors now have a partner in enforcing the property maintenance code! This valuable resource demonstrates how to prepare the documents required to pursue property maintenance code violators so that inspectors can perform inspections, file charges in the absence of compliance, obtain administrative search warrants, and condemn property "by the book." Comprehensive coverage clearly shows the inspector how to enforce the International Property Maintenance Code regulations with sample forms for every document that the code requires and sample complaints for every possible violation. This information will enable inspectors to do their jobs properly by helping them ensure that they follow the required steps in enforcement.

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  • Chapter 1: Administration
    Chapter 2: Definitions
    Chapter 3: Maintenance of Exterior and Interior Property Areas
    Chapter 4: Light, Ventilation, and Property Limits
    Chapter 5: Plumbing Facilities and Textual Requirements
    Chapter 6: Mechanical and Electrical Requirements
    Chapter 7: Fire Safety
    Chapter 8: Public Nuisance Violations

    • A sample form is provided for almost every section of the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code so that vital documents can be drafted correctly the first time
    • Use of the forms helps ensure that the inspectors’ work will be uniform and complete, fostering the prevention of costly errors
    • Listings of the various violations that may occur on residential and commercial properties are included, as well as tables to assist readers in understanding the Code
    • Functional checklists will help inspectors remember key matters so that their cases will stand up in a court of law
    • Even if the inspector’s municipality does not use the International Property Maintenance Code, the provided forms are universal enough to be adapted for local use
    • Includes a CD containing PDF files of sample forms, complaints, and notices (these forms can be printed and changed to adapt to the specifics of the jurisdiction)
    • Includes an entire chapter dedicated to Public Nuisances, which will benefit those jurisdictions that have not adopted the International Property Maintenance Code because they use these same types of violations found in the model code
    • This book is designed to be used with any version of the IPMC, though based on the 2006 and 2003 versions
    • Back-of-book CD included
    • The use of this book leads to "fewer errors, higher rate of convictions in court, amd more confidence in the inspector." - Karyn Byrne/City of Warrenville, IL.

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    • Linda S. Pieczynski, J.D. is a graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, IL. An attorney at law with her own private practice in Hinsdale, IL, she specialized in municipal prosecution and is the prosecutor for 13 municipalities in DuPage County. Ms. Pieczynski is also the former assistant state¿s attorney in DuPage County. Her teaching background includes over 10 years as an instructor for BOCA International and the International Code Council (ICC), where she taught the legal aspects of code administration. She has served as an expert witness and has authored several books in the areas of inspection codes and criminal practice procedures. Ms. Pieczynski is a member of the Illinois Bar Association, DuPage County Bar Association, and the DuPage Association of Women Lawyers.