Security First Bank: A Banking Customer Simulation 5th Edition
Patsy Hall Sargent | Mary Faye Ward
ISBN-13: 9780538443999 | ISBN-10: 0538443995
© 2007 | Published |  96  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780538431873

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SECURITY FIRST BANK, 5th is a bank customer simulation that has solid coverage of managing a checking account, writing checks, making deposits, reconciling bank statements, applying for loans, and more. Including the latest information on direct deposits, online banking, automatic bill payments, automatic withdrawals, and debit cards, this simulation is designed to help your students have a solid foundation in banking procedures from a consumer standpoint.

  • Introduction. Bank Services and Fees.
    Lesson 1. Using Bank Services.
    1. Changing Percentages to Decimals.
    2. Multiplication and Rounding.
    3. Calculating Your Net Pay.
    4. Figuring Interest.
    5. Figuring Spending Levels.
    6. Completing a New-Account Application.
    7. Identifying Parties to a Check.
    8. Identifying Types of Accounts.
    9. Practicing Signatures.
    10. Completing a Signature Authorization Card.
    11. Cashier’’s Check.
    12. Completing Deposit Slips.
    Lesson 2. Using Your Checking Account.
    13. Preparing Check Stubs.
    14. Preparing a Check Register.
    15. Writing Amounts on Checks.
    16. Preparing Checks.
    17. Practicing Predesignated Endorsements.
    18. Practicing Undesignated Endorsements.
    19. Understanding the Bank Statement.
    20. Finding Outstanding Transactions.
    21. Reconciliation Practice.
    22. Bank Reconciliation Worksheets.
    Lesson 3. Bank Customer Simulation, Typical Transactions.
    23. First Month’’s Transactions.
    24. Bank Statement, Month 1.
    25. Applying for a Loan.
    26. Second Month’’s Transactions.
    27. Bank Statement, Month 2.

    • Allows students to have hands-on practice in important life skills covering banking and personal finance.
    • Shows students how to calculate interest, budget, and open an account.
    • Updated information on banking procedures and laws, banking services and fees, and careers in banking.
    • Provides information on using ATM cards, ATM transactions, and managing money.
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  • Instructor’s Manual for Sargent/Ward’s Security First Bank: A Banking Customer Simulation, 5th
    ISBN-10: 0538444002 | ISBN-13:9780538444002
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    Instructor’s Manual provides activity solutions, tests, and transparency masters.

  • Patsy Hall Sargent is a former classroom instructor and department chairperson at Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas.

    Mary Faye Ward is a former instructor at Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas.