Intensive Records Management 5th Edition
Andrea Henne
ISBN-13: 9780538729734 | ISBN-10: 0538729732
© 2007 | Published |  144  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780538716987

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INTENSIVE RECORDS MANAGEMENT is a comprehensive and up-to-date envelope simulation providing manual and electronic records management instruction consistent with ARMA (Association of Records Managers and Administrators, Inc.) filing rules, experience with different filing methods (alphabetic, consecutive, numeric, terminal digit numeric, subject, and geographic), color coding of files, and presenting the life cycle of records.

  • 1. Basic Records Management Concepts.
    2. Alphabetic Indexing Rules.
    3. Alphabetic Filing Procedures.
    4. Numeric Filing Procedures.
    5. Subject Filing Procedures.
    6. Geographic Filing Procedures.
    7. Records Retention, Transfer, and Disposition.
    Check Your Understanding.
    Appendix A: Computer Applications.
    Appendix B: Supplemental Computer Applications.

    • Database activities can be used with commercial database software (no longer requires PC-File+).
    • Best Practices is a feature that highlights current filing and records management procedures.
    • Provides 12-15 hours of manual filing activities and 9-10 hours of computer filing activities.
    • Computer Applications activities supported by Access data files provide practice in electronic records management.
    • Practice filing applications are consistent with ARMA (Association of Records Managers and Administrators, Inc.) filing rules which will teach students to follow appropriate guidelines.
    • Choice of activities--manual, electronic, or both--ensures that students are not limited by equipment availability.
    • The flexible format allows for individualized or group instruction.
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  • Andrea Henne serves as Dean of Online and Distributed Learning at the San Diego Community College District and has extensive experience at the community college and university levels in preparing faculty for success in creating effective online learning environments. Prior to working for the San Diego Community College District, Dr. Henne was the Systemwide Director of Distributed Learning at Alliant International University, developing and managing courses and faculty development across six California campuses, Mexico City and Japan. Educated at UCLA in Higher Education Leadership (EdD) and Business-Economic Education (MA), Dr. Henne is a frequent presenter at conferences, workshops, and webinars and the author of numerous articles on best practices in technology-based teaching, faculty development, course assessment and evaluation procedures.