Electric Motors & Motor Controls 2nd Edition
Jeff Keljik
ISBN-13: 9781401898410 | ISBN-10: 1401898416
© 2007 | Published |  448  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780827361744

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This book is designed for electrical professionals and students who need to understand motor controls from a practical perspective. By first introducing basic controls, and then progressing to more complex controls for various motors and various applications, Electric Motors and Motor Controls, 2E provides a strong foundational knowledge of motor theory. Coverage includes the latest information on modern controls, while still including older controls that are still in use. The National Electrical Code® is cited throughout the book to acquaint readers with how to install and maintain motor systems effectively and safely.

  • Preface
    Chapter 1: Single-Phase Motors
    Chapter 2: Three-Phase Motors and Generators
    Chapter 3: Baisc Motor Control
    Chapter 4: Controllers, Relays, and Timers
    Chapter 5: Three-Phase Motors, Controls, and Full Voltage Starting
    Chapter 6: Motor Acceleration and Deceleration
    Chapter 7: Motor Maintenance and Installation
    Chapter 8: Special Motors
    Chapter 9: Power Distribution and Monitoring Systems
    Chapter 10: DC Motors, Generators, and Controls
    Appendix A Wiring Diagrams
    Appendix B Formulas
    Appendix C Symbols
    Appendix D Troubleshooting

    • Logically-sequenced topics, with each chapter building on information learned in the chapter before
    • Thorough coverage of why motors work and why they may fail
    • Comprehensive coverage of basic control schemes and how they are created
    • NEC® requirements in the most commonly-used scenarios
    • Applications of both new and traditional controls and methods
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    • Jeff Keljik is a graduate of Dunwoody College of Technology and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Metropolitan State University. He previously served as head of the electrical department at Dunwoody College of Technology and played an integral part in developing their Electrical Design and Management program. The recipient of both the 1993 Kraemer Fellowship Award for new technology education and an award for International Technical Teacher Education, Mr. Keljik also holds a Master Class A license and a Journeyman’s Class A license, both from the State of Minnesota. He is an Executive Board Member for the North Central Electrical League and serves on the Education Committee for the Minnesota Electrical Association.