Ethics, Legal Issues and Professionalism in Surgical Technology 1st Edition
Julia A. Jackson
ISBN-13: 9781401857936 | ISBN-10: 1401857930
© 2007 | Published |  357  Pages

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Ethics, Legal Issues and Professionalism for Surgical Technology introduces you to key, non-technical aspects of professional practice. Understanding and applying the proper concepts regarding ethics, legal issues, and professionalism is vital for a surgical technologist. This book offers you a foundation in these principles so you can make the right decisions and perform in a manner that renders the highest quality patient care possible. You will develop a base of knowledge in the fundamentals of ethics and legal issues and then progress through theory on moral reasoning, human value development and the bio-psychosocial needs of the patient. Controversial topics will be introduced for analysis and discussion. From there, you move on to legal terminology, sources and types of law, legal doctrines, and liabilities. The final section focuses on professional practice and exposes you to the basic knowledge and behaviors a professional must have.

  • Section I: Ethics
    Chapter One: Introduction To Ethics
    Chapter Two: The Role Of Morality In Decision Making
    Chapter Three: Specific Ethical Issues
    Section II: Legal Concepts
    Chapter Four: Concepts In Professional Practice Law
    Chapter Five: Health Law And Regulations
    Chapter Six: Risk Management And Liability
    Section III: Principles Of Professionalism
    Chapter Seven: Professional Practices
    Appendix A Professional Standards Of Conduct For Surgical Technologists
    Appendix B Hippocratic Oath
    Appendix C Organ And Tissue Donation By Religious Affiliation
    Appendix D Real Life Cases

    • Only text available that addresses the surgical technologist’s ethical, legal and professional issues
    • Real-life court cases at the end of each chapter illustrate how issues, theories, laws and concepts are applied in clinical practice
    • Includes surgical-based legal theories for study and discussion
    • Addresses leadership and risk management theories helping you both in your first years of practice and throughout your transition into a leadership position
    • Appendices offer you the code of ethics and standards of practice for your chosen profession
    • Chapters include questions for review and discussion, enabling you to begin the critical thinking and decision-making process as related to your role
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    • Instructor’s Manual for Jackson’s Ethics, Legal Issues and Professionalism in Surgical Technology
      ISBN-10: 1401857949 | ISBN-13:9781401857943
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      Lecture Ideas, Outline, Case verdicts,Classroom Activities, Talking Points, and more on the scrub notes.

    • Julia Jackson, BAH, CST, has been Program Coordinator and Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education at Baker College of Flint, MI for over five year. She has been a Certified Surgical Technologist for over ten years. She is on the AST Education Committee as well as the AST Core Curriculum Revision Committee and is the Chair of the Bake College-Flint Surgical Technology Board.