Advanced Skills for Health Care Providers 2nd Edition
Barbara Acello
ISBN-13: 9781418001339 | ISBN-10: 1418001333
© 2007 | Published |  416  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780766814370

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This book was written to prepare the nursing assistant or patient care technician to provide advanced patient care procedures. The book includes content on sterile procedures, including preparing and working with a sterile field, using sterile technique, and performing sterile dressing changes, wet to dry dressings. Venipuncture technique is covered in several chapters as well as intravenous procedures and many other advanced skills.

The importance of reporting information and observations to the licensed supervisor is emphasized throughout the book. To this end, most chapters contain special text boxes listing observations to be reported and recorded. Added highlights within the text narrative include safety and infection control alerts, and age related information; information that is important to the student and in keeping with the latest health care trends.

  • Chapter 1 Health Care Delivery
    Chapter 2 Observation, Documentation, and Reporting to the RN
    Chapter 3 Infection Control
    Chapter 4 Surgical Asepsis
    Chapter 5 Wound Care
    Chapter 6 Phlebotomy
    Chapter 7 Intravenous Therapy
    Chapter 8 Urinary and Bowel Elimination
    Chapter 9 Enteral Nutrition
    Chapter 10 Specimen Collection
    Chapter 11 Perioperative Care
    Chapter 12 Heat and Cold Applications
    Chapter 13 Caring for Patients with Special Needs
    Chapter 14 Advanced Respiratory Procedures
    Chapter 15 Endotracheal Tube and Tracheostomy Care
    Chapter 16 Cardiac Care Skills
    Chapter 17 Emergency Procedures

    • Content is current, timely, and relevant.
    • Contains important observation and reporting guidelines.
    • Safety alerts
    • Cover age-related information, which is required by accrediting organizations
    • Infection control alerts call attention to practices and procedures to prevent the spread of infection, protecting the patient and the student.
    • New chapter on caring for patients with special needs.
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    Workbook for Acello's Advanced Skills for Health Care Providers, 2nd
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    Nursing assistants/patient care technicians/unlicensed assistive personnel who are upgrading their basic nursing skills to an advanced/expanded care level to assume responsibilities previously performed by licensed personnel.

  • Barbara Acello has worked in long-term care for more than four decades. Currently a nurse consultant and educator, she owns a school for nursing assistants, where she helped to write and develop mandatory state curricula for nurse aides and EMTs. She has also written and contributed to dozens of textbooks, instructor guides, quick reference guides, and supplemental instructional materials for health care personnel. Formerly a practicing nurse, Ms. Acello was also a director of nursing and a long-term care facility consultant. Her interests and expertise include clinical geriatrics, resident safety, pain assessment and management, restraints, pressure ulcers, and infection control. She is particularly committed to improving working conditions, education, and professionalism for personnel in the long-term care industry.