Basic Infection Control for Healthcare Providers 2nd Edition
Michael Kennamer
ISBN-13: 9781418019785 | ISBN-10: 141801978X
© 2007 | Published |  240  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780766826786

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Basic Infection Control for Health Care Providers, Second Edition, is a clear and concise guide to preventing occupational exposure hazards and communicable and infectious diseases. This book includes coverage on how to safely protect oneself from infectious agents and what do in case of infectious exposure. Discussions of the disease process and legal issues surrounding exposure and infectious diseases provide context for the material. The blend of fundamental infection control content and reference resources makes this tool perfect for use in an instructional setting or as a reference for practicing health care providers.

  • Preface.
    1. Introduction to Infection Control.
    2. Legal Issues.
    3. The Disease Process.
    4. The Immune System.
    5. Protection from Communicable Disease in the Workplace.
    6. Protection from Infectious Agents Used as Weapons.
    7. Exposure Determination.
    8. Post Exposure.
    Appendix A Diseases of Concern.
    Appendix B Answers to Questions for Discussion.
    Appendix C Glossary.

    • Alerts call attention to important information health professionals should be aware of
    • Case Study and Questions for Discussion features are designed to encourage critical thinking
    • Answers to the Questions for Discussions are found at the back of the book, conveniently allowing you to assess comprehension of the concepts
    • Infectious Disease Reference, now found in an easily identifiable Appendix, includes data on over 45 diseases
    • Newsmaker relates book content to real-life events by depicting notable occasions when infectious diseases have made the news
    • Under the Microscope offers you information and suggestions for delving deeper into the topics presented
  • I think this book could be used in a variety of settings as a basic infection reference. The book was well written. It presented questions to think about in a way that made thinking about infection control more broad than just treating and avoiding infections. The human interest stories put a face on the impact of infectious disease in current time.

    - Pat Trapp, MS: Staff Educator

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  • Instructor’s Manual for Kennamer’s Basic Infection Control for Health Care Providers, 2nd
    ISBN-10: 1418019798 | ISBN-13:9781418019792
    List Price = 29.95
    Organized by Chapter, includes Learning Objectives, Key Terms with Definitions; Teaching Outline (hints on what to cover in class); Teaching Tools: Classroom Activities.

  • Mike Kennamer, Ed.D., NRP, currently serves as director of workforce development at Northeast Alabama Community College, where he previously served as chair of the skills training division and director of the EMS department. Kennamer has authored several books and video series, and has contributed to a number of projects, including both print and web-based projects. His experience in teaching in and administering a variety of allied health programs gives him a strong foundation from which to write. Kennamer also serves as President/CEO of Kennamer Media Group, a content development and content management company whose core values include integrity, quality and focus.