Medical Terminology Made Easy 4th Edition
Jean M. Dennerll
ISBN-13: 9781401898847 | ISBN-10: 140189884X
© 2007 | Published |  528  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780766826731

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Written specifically for short medical terminology courses in a variety of educational settings or for self-guided study, Medical Terminology Made Easy, Fourth Edition, is a self-paced learning approach designed to ease you into the language of medicine that separates the layperson from the professional. The programmed-learning format requires active participation through reading, writing, answering questions, labeling, repetition, and providing immediate feedback. This format will help you to correctly decipher new terms by identifying and then practicing different word parts.

  • Unit 1 Introduction to Medical and Anatomical Terminology
    Unit 2 Blood Cells, Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems
    Unit 3 Nervous System and Tumors
    Unit 4 Digestive System
    Unit 5 Muscles, Bones, and Joints
    Unit 6 Male Reproductive and Urinary Systems
    Unit 7 Female Reproductive System, Obstetrics, and Neonatology
    Unit 8 Eye, Ear, Respiratory System, and Special Senses
    Unit 9 Directions and Regions of the Body
    Unit 10 Pathogenic Organisms, Endocrine System, and Medical Specialties

    • A FREE interactive CD-ROM encourages mastery of content through several types of activities, games, and animations
    • Feature frames help with retention, spelling and dictionary exercises
    • Professional profiles provide information about possible career paths
    • Review Activities reinforce terms learned within the frames
    • Word Parts are reinforced throughout each chapter
    For more information about these supplements, or to obtain them, contact your Learning Consultant

    • Electronic Classroom Manager for Dennerll’s Medical Terminology Made Easy, 4th
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    • Jean M. Dennerll, BS, CMA is the Department Chair for Allied Health at Jackson Community College in Jackson, Michigan.