Job Placement Strategies for Paralegals 1st Edition
Margaret E. Pickard, J.D.
ISBN-13: 9781418040086 | ISBN-10: 1418040088
© 2008 | Published |  172  Pages

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Job Placement Strategies for Paralegals is a job search guidebook for paralegal students and professionals. This practical workbook outlines placement skills and strategies for helping job seekers find a position in the fast growing paralegal profession. The book offers effective tools and strategies to help paralegals prepare a professional resume and cover letter, find job opportunities in the private and public sector, win over prospective employers in the job interview, and evaluate job offers, including salary, bonus structure, and benefits packages. The guide includes a detailed resume worksheet that will direct job seekers in preparing and customizing a resume for a successful job search. Sample paralegal resumes and cover letters contain critical commentary to help applicants prepare outstanding materials. This unique guidebook also prepares job hunters for the job interview by offering practical advice including how to prepare, what to bring, and what to wear. Specific interview questions, including the dreaded "zinger" questions are set forth with winning answers provided. This essential resource will help paralegals in all stages of their careers. The sample resumes, cover letters, and job strategies will be invaluable to both students entering the profession as well as paralegals currently working in the legal field.

  • 1. Getting the Job You Want.
    2. The Role of a Paralegal in the Legal Profession.
    3. Effective Resume Writing Tips.
    4. Getting Started Building Your Resume.
    5. Everyone’s An Expert: Good, Bad, and Mediocre Resumes.
    6. Introducing Your Resume with a Cover Letter.
    7. Making a Good First Impression: Cover Letter Samples.
    8. Job Search Techniques: Where to Start.
    9. Get Wired: Finding On-Line Job Opportunities.
    10. Preparing for the Interview: The Final Stage.
    11. The Interview: The Final Stage.
    12. Closing the Deal: The Offer Phase.
    13. A Final Note: Ethical Considerations for Freelance Paralegals.
    Appendix A: Ethical Guidelines for Paralegals.

    • Provides step-by-step instructions and worksheets for drafting a winning resume.
    • Sample resumes and cover letters illustrate important drafting Do's and Don'ts.
    • Offers effective tips for today's successful online job search.
    • Prepares job seekers for the job interview.
    • Provides keys to evaluate and negotiate the final job offer.
    • Ideal for job strategies workshops and seminars.
    • I like it--it adds some flexibility to what can be taught in an already packed curriculum. This would allow job searching skills to be taught in a shorter period of time. The workbook approach allows the student to build up to a final product.

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    • Margaret E. Pickard is an attorney, educator, and author. She is admitted to practice law in California, Montana, the U.S. District Court, Ninth Circuit, as well as the U.S. District Courts of Montana and the Northern District of California. She is currently a faculty member in the Continuing Education Division of Duke University and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.