Shanghai Finance 1st Edition
JI Xiaohui
ISBN-13: 9789812408808 | ISBN-10: 9812408800
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Shanghai was once the financial center of the Far East. Today, a national development strategy has been put in place that will once again transform the city into a modern international financial center. This book pres¬ents the reader with a comprehensive and objective ac¬count of the current status of Shanghai’s finance indus¬try, covering such areas as banking, securities, futures, insurance, interbank lending and borrowing, bonds, foreign exchange, the stock exchange, and gold.

Wide-ranging, detailed, and refreshing, this book is a must-read to all who are interested in visiting or doing business in Shanghai.

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  • 1. The Goal of Shanghai
    2. The Banking Industry in Shanghai
    3. The Securities and Futures Industry of Shanghai
    4. The Insurance Industry of Shanghai
    5. Interbank Borrowing, Lending, and Bonds
    6. The Foreign Exchange Market
    7. The Shanghai Securities Market
    8. The Shanghai Futures Market
    9. The Gold Market
    10. Management of the Financial Industry in Shanghai

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    • JI Xiaohui is currently chairman of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. He has also held such previous appointments as deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Municipal Government, director of the Shanghai Financial Services Offi ce, and director of Shanghai Research Society on International Financial Center. He is an expert on China’s financial policies and the development of its fi nancial institutions, closely monitoring the trends of Chinese and international financial development.

      He supervised the compilation of The Action Guidelines on Promoting
      the Development of Shanghai into an International Financial Center and The Special Planning for Turning Shanghai into an International Financial Center during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan.