Kinesiology Foundations for OTAs 1st Edition
Daniel C. Snyder | LeAnne M. Conner | Gregory F. Lorenz
ISBN-13: 9781428335110 | ISBN-10: 1428335110
© 2008 | Published |  496  Pages

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The human body is amazing: all structures work together to provide locomotion and support. Knowledge of how this takes place is critical to the field of occupational therapy. Kinesiology Foundations for OTAs combines precise clinical information, practical applications, and detailed illustrations that allow readers to understand this rigorous subject matter. This book is designed to describe the structures and functions of muscles, bones, and ligaments of the human body. It further addresses the interactions between these structures to illustrate how movements are performed.

  • 1. Introduction to Kinesiology
    2. Muscular Anatomy and Physiology
    3. Muscle Characteristics
    4. The Nervous System
    5. Bone
    6. Joint Structure
    7. Muscle Mechanics and Arthrokinematics
    8. The Head and Neck
    9. The Lower Back
    10. The Abdominal Region
    11. Posture Assessment and Intervention
    12. Respiration
    13. The Hip Joint
    14. The Knee Joint
    15. The Ankle and Foot
    16. Gait
    17. The Shoulder Girdle
    18. The Shoulder Joint
    19. The Elbow and Radioulnar Joints
    20. The Forearm and Wrist
    21. The Hand
    22. Movement Analysis

    • A worktext that combines the features of a workbook into the textbook. An all-inclusive resource for the user; it contains review questions, critical thinking questions, and lab activities.
    • Excellent overviews of anatomy and muscle movement.
    • Applies concepts of kinesiology to the field of occupational therapy
    • Detailed anatomical illustrations of muscles and their attachment sites.
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    • Online Instructor Manual for Snyder's Kinesiology Foundations For OTAs
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