Exploring Visual Storytelling 1st Edition
Brian Arnold | Brendan Eddy
ISBN-13: 9781418014926 | ISBN-10: 1418014923
© 2008 | Published |  256  Pages

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Film, video games, television ads, corporate presentations-whatever medium you're working in, a visual story is the most compelling way to provide your audience with information and, more important, with an emotional experience.

Exploring Visual Storytelling analyzes the essential techniques of creating compelling visual stories. Based on the pioneering work of Minneapolis-based Visual Culture, this innovative book-DVD package examines and explains the fundamentals of the medium by covering the seven key concepts behind every visual story: context, character, conflict, plot, 2D space, 3D space, and time. Each topic is thoroughly explained in print and then applied in the companion DVD, fully demonstrating how these core concepts work together to create a cohesive, compelling story.

  • Tools of the Trade.
    Space and Time.
    2 Dimensional Space.
    3 Dimensional Space.
    Staging over Time.
    Story Shaping Questions.

    • An innovative book-DVD package provides a comprehensive explanation of an art form that is often misunderstood.
    • One hour-plus of interactive content demonstrates and applies the book's concepts in a way that allows artists to fully understand and apply the most influential and effective medium of our generation.
    • A user-controlled interface on the DVD allows readers to direct their own interactive learning experience.
    • The principles of visual storytelling are shown at work in a story that plays out across the DVD.
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    • Brian J. Arnold earned his MFA in Screenwriting from University of Southern California School of Cinema and Television. During his 5 years with Nickelodeon Animation Studios he participated in a wide range of popular children's television animation. As an Editor, Sound Engineer and Animatic Editor, Brian was responsible for every aspect of the "Character and Story" process. He is currently an Academic Director at The Art Institutes International Minnesota and cofounder of Visual Culture, a Minneapolis based production company.

      Brendan J. Eddy began his career in 1994 creating a number of animations that were featured in both national and international film festivals. He also taught
      animation both in institutions and in private master classes, while creating animation for a variety of national clients. In 2003 he Founded Visual Culture with
      the intention of creating a community of artists focused on the central principles of compelling story, art, and design.