Landscape Design: Theory and Application 1st Edition
Dr. Ann Marie VanDerZanden | Steven Rodie
ISBN-13: 9781418012861 | ISBN-10: 1418012866
© 2008 | Published |  528  Pages

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Landscape Design: Theory and Application was written from a blended perspective of a horticulturist and landscape architect who together have over 25 years of university teaching experience in landscape design. This text discusses design tools used by landscape design professionals and then describes how to use these tools to graphically represent a landscape design concept. It introduces the topic of design as a process and how human preferences impact landscape design components. Students will learn the basic elements of art and how these elements are applied to aesthetic landscape design principles. They will also learn to understand how functional design principles need to be considered in concert with the aesthetic principles, and how landscape preference influences the application of the aesthetic principles. The process of landscape design is discussed in detail including: strategies for interacting with the client, selling a landscape concept, and creating a design from start (concept development) to finish (final plan). With the foundation for design principles and design process in place, this text provides detailed descriptions of plant material and hardscape material selections, respectively. Lastly, strategies for pricing the landscape, examples of landscape business models, and highlights a successful landscape design/build company are covered in order to provide concrete examples of how and why they have been successful.

  • Chapter 1: Tools of the Trade
    Chapter 2: Graphic Representation
    Chapter 3: Design Definition and Process:
    Chapter 4: Overview of the Landscape Design Process
    Chapter 5: Applying the Principles of Design
    Chapter 6: Plant Selection
    Chapter 7: Hardscape Selection
    Chapter 8: Pricing the Proposed Design
    Appendix: Landscape Design Case Studies

    • Provides information in both an in-depth and quick read format
    • Emphasizes good design from aesthetic, functional, maintenance, and human preference perspectives, and highlights multiple approaches to design communication and critique
    • Numerous graphic images: color and black & white photographs, illustrations, landscape plans are interspersed throughout the text
    • Side bars or text boxes to highlight key points/concepts assist with retention of information
    • Images accompanied by detailed captions as well as illustrations that apply theory to actual landscape designs reinforce concepts learned
    • The appendix includes four design case studies that provide an opportunity for users to synthesize the book contents and apply the knowledge learned.
    • Chapter cover appropriate material for a broad overview of Landscape Design, CD-ROM and appendix ( I could actually see this part being a book on its own, especially if the case studies were annotated for successful and/or unsuccessful examples of design, showing why, etc. It could be an interesting "image library" to use as a companion book in Basic Design, Planting Design, or Structure Class)

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    • Associate Professor of Horticulture at Iowa State University; PhD Horticulture Science