Respiratory Care Clinical Manual on CD-ROM 1st Edition
Elizabeth Buzbee
ISBN-13: 9781418049324 | ISBN-10: 1418049328
© 2008 | Published |  NA  Pages

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Gain the confidence you need to make the most of your clinical experience. The Respiratory Clinical Manual on CD will help to ease your transition from the classroom to clinical practice. The CD is organized into 12 sections and each contains several different forms designed to help you think through scenarios and practically apply your knowledge.

To offer you a variety of clinical situations, over 140 different questionnaires have been designed to help you focus your attention on the information you need. By answering the questions posed before administering patient care, you can ensure that you have accounted for essential data to make prudent decisions and enhance the care you provide to your patient.

  • Sections include:
    Introduction to the Hospital Setting
    Basic Assessment Technique
    Basic Therapeutics
    Basic Diagnostic Procedure
    Advanced Patient Assessment
    Advanced Therapeutic Procedures
    Advanced Diagnostic Procedures
    Mechanical Ventilation of the Adult
    Assessment of the Patient on Invasive Mechanical Ventilation
    Neonatal Pediatric Respiratory Care
    Special Procedures
    Home Care and Rehabilitation

    • Designed for respiratory care clinical experience
    • Help students overcome anxiousness often felt when moving from classroom to clinical setting.
    • Guided questions found on the 144 clinical forms will help student organize their thoughts and ensure that they have accounted for needed information to make clinical decision and enhance their patient care.
    • Each form prints on its own page for ease of printing and use.
    • It can be an ancillary to a traditional clinical manual as it contains only questions that the student must answer by looking at the patient’s chart and at the patient then recalling lecture information, not formulae like clinical manuals.
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    • Elizabeth Kelley Buzbee, A.A.S, R.R.T., N.P.S., R.C.P