Introduction to Agricultural Accounting 1st Edition
Barbara M. Wheeling
ISBN-13: 9781418038342 | ISBN-10: 1418038342
© 2008 | Published |  320  Pages

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Introduction to Agricultural Accounting offers an approach for compiling and analyzing accounting information specific to agricultural operations. Unlike typical accounting books, this text addresses the issues and situations unique to the agricultural industry, and offers relevant examples of accounting applied to agricultural operations. The accounting procedures offered build on current practice in agriculture. Cash-basis accounting, prevalent in many farm operations is explained in the text through an accrual-adjusted system. This system provides more accurate information for the measurement of profitability of the farm operation. Figures and tables are presented throughout for easy reference, and to simplify accounting practices. The easy-to-understand approach is appropriate for learners without any accounting background.

  • Introduction
    Chapter 1: The Nature and Format of Farm Financial Statements
    Chapter 2: Accounts
    Chapter 3: Journal Entries
    Chapter 4: End of Year Accounting Procedures
    Chapter 5: Financial Statement Preparation and Closing Entries
    Chapter 6: Revenue and Expense Measurements
    Chapter 7: Asset Valuation, Part 1Current Assets
    Chapter 8: Asset Valuation, Part 2Non-current Assets
    Chapter 9: Valuation of Liabilities and Equity
    Chapter 10: Analyzing Financial Position and Financial Performance

    • Accounting principles are based on current guidelines from the Farm Financial Standards Council to provide up to date knowledge on accounting for agriculture
    • Learning objectives are outlined to emphasize important material to be learned
    • Provides step-by-step instructions on how to record transactions, and prepare financial statements for ease in application of the accounting principles
    • Presents examples of the application of accounting procedures in an agricultural context for ease in understanding the relevance for the agricultural industry
    • Figures and tables present main concepts for easy reference
    • Story problems apply the accounting procedures for clarification on the application of accounting principles
    • This is a good idea. Agriculture accounting is an important component of the success of an Agriculture business. At my level, I am looking for a book that can give a practical approach to this subject.

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    • Barbara Wheeling is an Assistant Professor in Accounting at the Montana State University-Billings. Barbara is a Certified Public Accountant and is a member of Pacific Northwest Farm Business Management Instructors. She has contributed to
      Alternatives to GAAP for the Agricultural Industry, Today¿s CPA, Agricultural Accounting: A Case for Asset Revaluation, and Accounting for Agricultural Producers monograph for Bureau of National Affairs, Washington, DC.