An Illustrated Guide to Animal Science Terminology 1st Edition
Colleen Brady, Ph.D.
ISBN-13: 9781418011512 | ISBN-10: 1418011517
© 2008 | Published |  360  Pages

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An Illustrated Guide to Animal Science Terminology provides a single resource that includes commonly used terms, and pronunciations relevant to any animal science student without the need for an agriculture background to understand the language of animal science. The text covers traditional production animals, such as swine, cattle, sheep and horses, as well as poultry, companion animals, and companion birds. It includes chapters on genetics, nutrition, reproduction, anatomy and behavior. Alternative production animals and exotic companion animals are covered as well. There is a sampling of breeds, and extensive use of photographs and line art to clarify the terms, and it creates a connection between the term and the subject for the student. This text would be an excellent supplement for many introductory animal science courses that wish to cover the wide range and variety of species and disciplines in animal science.

  • Chapter 1: What is Animal Science
    Chapter 2: The Animal Agriculture Industry
    Chapter 3. Animal Genetics and Breeding
    Chapter 4: Animal Anatomy
    Chapter 5: Animal Nutrition
    Chapter 6: Animal Behavior
    Chapter 7: Animal Disease and Parasites
    Chapter 8: Beef Cattle
    Chapter 9: Dairy Cattle
    Chapter 10: Swine
    Chapter 11: Poultry
    Chapter 12: Goats and Sheep
    Chapter 13: Alternative Production Animals
    Chapter 14: Horses and Other Equine
    Chapter 15: Canine
    Chapter 16: Feline
    Chapter 17: Companion Birds
    Chapter 18: Exotic Companion Animals
    Answer Key

    • Addresses terms for production animals and companion animals including pronunciation
    • Easy to read format assists students with learning content
    • Numerous illustrations and photographs are provided to clarify terms
    • Accompanied by an audio CD- ROM for further retention
    • As an educator I think an Illustrated Guide to Animal Science Terminology is a great idea. We have so many students at the secondary and postsecondary level who come to our classes with little or no background in animal science, and a lot of the problem is that they have never seen the animal science stuff that farm kids grew up with. Also, some of the new science in animal science is difficult for the students to visualize.

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    • Colleen Brady, PhD., is an Associate Professor Department of Youth Development and Agricultural Education at Purdue University, and is PAS certified for horses and companion animals. She is a member American Society of Animal Scientists, the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists, the Equine Science Society and the American Youth Horse Council where she also served as a past board member. Dr. Brady is a Recipient of the Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher Award, Department of Youth Development and Agricultural Education.