Introduction to Normal Auditory Perception 1st Edition
Faith Loven
ISBN-13: 9781418080778 | ISBN-10: 1418080772
© 2010 | Published |  272  Pages

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Taking a classical approach to psychoacoutstics, Introduction to Normal Auditory Perception guides students toward a basic understanding of hearing science and theory. The book explores the germinal research published in the field of auditory perception and then clearly interprets the findings which have formed the foundations of modern auditory theory. Complex theories are broken down for easy comprehension. Starting with the basic principles of acoustics, the text moves through seminal experiments in psychoacoustics regarding the role of stimulus intensity, frequency, and duration on fundamental auditory perceptions. Basic principles of binaural listening are also covered.

  • Section One Acoustics
    Chapter 1: Simple Harmonic Motion, Sine Waves, and Pure Tones
    Chapter 2: Sound Transmission and Sound Waves
    Chapter 3: Sound Measurement and the Decibel Scale

    Section Two Intensity
    Chapter 4: Auditory Sensitivity
    Chapter 5: Loudness
    Chapter 6: Intensity Discrimination

    Section Three Frequency
    Chapter 7: Masking
    Chapter 8: Frequency Selectivity and the Critical Band
    Chapter 9: Frequency Discrimination
    Chapter 10: Pitch Perception

    Section Four Duration
    Chapter 11: Stimulus Duration and its Role in Audibility, Loudness,
    And Discrimination
    Chapter 12: Auditory Fatigue and Adaptation
    Chapter 13: Introduction to Binaural Hearing

    • Chapter objectives summarize fundamental material
    • Key terms highlight important terminology
    • Listen Up! provides both background tutorials on important concepts or additional information on advanced concepts
    • Over 100 illustrations represent graphical results of the classical studies as well as conceptual drawings to explain basic auditory phenomena
    • Instructor’s resources include guided use of the CD, Auditory Demonstrations, from the Acoustical Society of America; suggested laboratory exercises using a clinical audiometer and a sound booth; PowerPoint slides; a computerized test bank; and two complete games of Hearing Science Jeopardy
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    • Instructor’s Manual for Loven’s Introduction to Normal Auditory Perception
      ISBN-10: 1418080780 | ISBN-13:9781418080785
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      The instructor’s Manual serves as an instructional resource and provides teaching tips or guidelines, essay questions, answers to review and test questions, key objectives, glossary, appendices and exercises for content reinforcement.