Administrative Law 1st Edition
John D. DeLeo Jr.
ISBN-13: 9781401858773 | ISBN-10: 1401858775
© 2009 | Published |  498  Pages

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Administrative Law is a text written for college students taking an introductory course in Administrative Law. The goal of the text is to take the mystery out of administrative law and is organized into three parts: creation of agencies, what agencies do, and how agencies are controlled. This organization brings clarity to the subject matter and allows students to focus on individual concepts while not losing sight of the big picture. The text uses a variety of practical examples to show how agencies are created, what they do, and how they are controlled. The emphasis of the text is on the function and control of agency processes, and is presented in a way that shows relevance to the student s every day life, leaving them with a working knowledge of how agencies operate.

  • Part 1: History and Creation of Administration agencies
    Chapter 1: Introduction to Administrative Law
    Part 2: Rulemaking - Legislative Power of Agencies
    Chapter 3: Agency Enforcement of Regulations
    Chapter 4: Adjudication - Judicial Power of Agencies
    Chapter 5: Overview of Agency Activities
    Part 3: Control of Administrative Agencies
    Chapter 6: Judicial Control of Administrative Agencies
    Chapter 7: Legislative Control of Administrative Agencies
    Chapter 8: Executive Control of Administrative Agencies

    • Includes exhibits that make concepts easier to understand.
    • Uses real life example of administrative law that students can relate to.
    • Includes chapter objectives that help with student organization.
    • Chapter summaries allow for reinforcement of concepts throughout the text.
    • Practical applications and internet exercises are interspersed throughout the text.
    • Sidebars include expanded information and clarification for the student.
    • Provides key terms that are highlighted and defined in the margins for a quick reference.
    • The author put a lot of time and energy into the outline. The topics seem to be organized with students in mind. Because I have problems finding hands-on projects for students to use, I would appreciate any projects that the book authors would use in ancillary materials.

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    • Online Instructor’s Manual for Deleo’s Administrative Law
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    • Professor, Central Pennsylvania College; B.A. in Political Science; J.D. from Loyola University of New Orleans School of Law