Media and Entertainment Law 1st Edition
Sandi Towers
ISBN-13: 9781418039127 | ISBN-10: 1418039128
© 2009 | Published |  558  Pages

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Media and Entertainment Law has been purposely designed and written to keep the reader’s interest with up-to-date legal issues. Throughout the book, media and entertainment law ethics issues are discussed. A full chapter devoted to ethics is added with suggestions presented on how to make better ethical choices, how to guide ethical considerations, and how to potentially correct ethical issues that are not in alignment with corporate or business guidelines. Chapters are arranged in a thoughtful and logical order, to take the student, practitioner, or interested reader from the beginnings of freedom of speech, press, and expression; and into cutting edge, current events that highlight areas such as copyrights, advertising, pornography, censorship of the media, cable and satellite television, digital and satellite radio, and the Internet.

  • Chapter 1: The Road Leading to the First Amendment
    Chapter 2: The Constitution and its Interpretation as to Prior Restraints and Obscenity
    Chapter 3: Freedom of the Press Versus a Fair Trial
    Chapter 4: Defamation-Libel and Slander: What it is and how to defend against it.
    Chapter 5: Invasion of Privacy
    Chapter 6: The News, The Courts, and Contempt
    Chapter 7: Copyrights and Marks
    Chapter 8: Entertainment Law
    Chapter 9: Advertising and the Media
    Chapter 10: The Media and Cyberspace
    Chapter 11: Media and Entertainment Ethics

    • Tightly edited landmark cases, pulled from the text, allow for greater understanding of media and entertainment law.
    • Historical background of the subjects has been emphasized, so the reader obtains a better grasp of societal issues at the time of a court ruling.
    • Relevant quotes from United States Supreme Court Justices emphasize the thinking of the Court in the case’s decision
    • Full discussion of such items as digital radio, satellite TV and radio, and Internet Broadband.
    • International media and entertainment legal concerns are discussed in length.
    • Full chapter on ethics, allowing the student and practitioner alike to examine how to deal with such issues.
    • CD-ROM included with the text with additional exercises.
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