Electronic Legal Research: An Integrated Approach 2nd Edition
Stephanie Delaney, J.D.
ISBN-13: 9781418080884 | ISBN-10: 1418080888
© 2009 | Published |  224  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780766830066

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Electronic Legal Research: An Integrated Approach, second edition, is dedicated to fully explaining the rationale of legal research, guiding readers through the individual steps necessary to develop their own research strategies. Through exploration into the topic of legal database searching with substance and depth, Electronic Legal Research facilitates long-term learning. Since new products are introduced every day and the market leaders constantly change, this text takes the approach of one set of skills, Boolean searching. This approach will enable the beginning researcher to do research in nearly any electronic database, specifically training students to research paid legal databases and the Internet. Electronic Legal Research: An Integrated Approach, second edition, is based on the concept of critical thinking allowing for intelligent decisions about how to find information through effective resource selection and query construction. Rather than a traditional how-to book, Electronic Legal Research: An Integrated Approach truly facilitates learning by presenting up to date information and challenging exercises that focus on critical thinking skills and practical skill implementation. This practical approach is a useful research guide for both students and working professionals, in both paralegal and attorney roles.

  • Chapter 1: Internet Legal Research
    Chapter 2: Query Formation Strategy
    Chapter 3: Paid Legal Databases
    Chapter 4: Internet Legal Research
    Chapter 5: Finding and Understanding Statutes
    Chapter 6: Finding and Understanding Regulations
    Chapter 7: Finding Cases
    Chapter 8: Finding Secondary Sources

    • Encourages critical thinking by engaging readers with the actual elements of query formation, guiding in how to learn, not simply told what to learn.
    • Thought-provoking exercises in each learning section
    • Guided Exercises lead the student through the steps necessary to learn a new skill
    • Side notes alert students to common errors and other things to consider as they research
    • Exercise worksheets appeal to the visual learner and help the learner to work through the material in the chapter
    • Updated and expanded section on internet research, including in depth coverage of searching with Google.
    • Coverage of new legal research tools including CaseMaker.
    • Updated information on new innovations in Lexis and Westlaw.
    • The author has taken a complex subject and made it easy and interesting to learn. Chapter 2 provides the strategy to forming a query, followed by troubleshooting techniques. This organization follows what is practiced and is perfect.

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    • Stephanie Delaney, JD, is an instructor at Highline Community College. She is a member of the Washington State Bar Association.