Introduction to Control Engineering 1st Edition
Jingxin Dong | Changde Zhao | Shenshu Xiong | Meifeng Guo
ISBN-13: 9789814227988 | ISBN-10: 9814227986
© 2009 | Published |  476  Pages

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This book presents a comprehensive coverage of the analysis and design of control systems. It is intended to be used as a textbook for the first course in control systems or control theory in the departments of Electrical, Mechanical, Aerospace, and Chemical Engineering. Throughout the text, there are plenty of worked examples and problems using MATLAB to help the reader have a clear understanding of this subject.

  • 1. Introduction.
    2. Dynamic Mathematical Models of Physical Systems.
    3. Transient Response Analysis in the Time-Domain.
    4. Frequency Response Analysis.
    5. Control System Stability Analysis.
    6. Control System Error Analysis and Calculation.
    7. Control System Synthesis and Compensation.
    8. Computer Control Systems.
    9. The Application of Matlab in Control System Analysis and Compensation.
    Appendix A Table of Laplace Transforms.
    Appendix B Proof of the Optimal Frequency Ratio for the High-Order Optimum Model.

    • Give prominence to mechanical movement control engineering problems, including mathematical modeling and system analysis and synthesis.
    • Emphasize basic concepts and methods for solving electro-mechanical control problems while simplifying or ignoring complicated mathematics.
    • Introduce more examples and problems, making it also suitable for students’ self-study on this subject.
    • New technology and analysis methods are introduced, which can help practicing engineers solve their design problems.
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    • Professor Jingxin Dong, Tsinghua University, is mainly engaged in the research of micro sensors, inertial instruments, and servo control systems. He has published five academic books and more than fifty research papers. Currently, he is a member of the Chinese Society of Inertial Technology and the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering.

      Professor Changde Zhao has been teaching “Introduction to Control Engineering,” “Principles and Application of Microcomputer,” and “Embedded Microcomputer and Interface” in Tsinghua University. His years of teaching and research have contributed to this text.

      Dr. Shenshu Xiong, Tsinghua University, shows her main research interest in automatic control and signal processing. She has published over 50 journal articles and conference papers and acquired six patents in these areas.

      Dr. Meifeng Guo is currently an associate professor at the Department of Precision Instruments and Mechanology, Tsinghua University, engaging in research and education of automatic control.