Elder Law 1st Edition
Nancy Gallo
ISBN-13: 9781401842574 | ISBN-10: 1401842577
© 2009 | Published |  384  Pages

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Elder Law is designed to introduce the realities of a modern elder law practice in serving the needs of America’s growing elderly population. Each chapter explains the development of important case and statutory law within an historical perspective while offering an expansive review of elder law terminology. Well-organized, and easy-to-read, the material appeals to a wide audience with or without a legal background. Practical assignments, such as hypotheticals, Elder Law Practice scenarios and Ethics Alert problems focus on real-world insights. Elder Law covers the wide array of overlapping topics and challenges facing elder law legal professionals today. Essential elder law topics covered include advance directives, wills, guardianship and conservatorship issues, Medicaid and Medicare planning, long-term care planning, financial planning and trusts, housing options, physical and financial elder abuse, age discrimination, grandparents rights, love and marriage. In addition, mental and physical health concerns of an aging population are considered.

  • 1:Introduction
    2:Disability Planning
    3:Conservatorship and Guardianship
    4:Estate Planning and Administration
    5:Resources and Protections Available to the Client
    6:Health Care Planning
    7:Elder Abuse
    9:Grandparents’ Rights
    10:Funeral Planning

    • Memorable cases and hypothetical problems stimulate thought-provoking discussion.
    • Well-organized, easy-to-read material appeals to a wide audience.
    • “Elder Law Practice” scenarios provide quick real-world relevance to each chapter’s material by focusing on the needs of fictional clients.
    • “Ethics Alert” problems ask learners to test their skill at finding solutions to elder law practice dilemmas.
    • Numerous exhibits show readers how to confidently apply theory to practice.
    • This project is a wonderful idea. It is well needed, since there will be an increase in lawyers/paralegals involved in elder law. This is a usable, ’hands-on’ text with web references.

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    • Nancy R. Gallo, J.D. is a frequent presenter at the American Association for Paralegal Education national and regional conferences and was a member of AAfPE’s Family Law Syllabus Task Force (2003). Professor Gallo is the author of the textbook, Introduction to Family Law (2004). A member of the American Bar Association Family Law Section and the New Jersey Bar Elder Law Section, the author is a frequent public speaker and has volunteered as an Early Settlement Panel member for the Sussex County Superior Court, Newton, New Jersey. A cum laude graduate of William Paterson University, the author attended Nova Southeastern University and was a recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities funded grant for the study Paul Robeson, 20th Century Humanist and Lawyer. The author is a full professor and the Legal Studies Programs coordinator at Sussex County Community College, Newton, New Jersey.