International Cuisine 1st Edition
Jeremy MacVeigh
ISBN-13: 9781418049652 | ISBN-10: 1418049654
© 2009 | Published |  557  Pages

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International Cuisine is the only available book that covers all of the major cuisines of the world in a single textbook with additional instructor resources to aid in instruction, such as comprehensive instructor’s manual, online companion, and robust electronic classroom manager, which includes PowerPoint slides, lesson plans, and a computerized testbank. Written for students and professional culinarians, this book fills the gap between the foundations laid by the introductory textbooks and reality in today’s diverse kitchens. Included are sections on the influences that have contributed to the development of each cuisine, foreign culinary terms commonly used, and sub regions found within the cuisines. The chapters are clearly organized providing detailed information about cuisines in an easy to follow manner. International Cuisine provides comprehensive coverage exposing students to major cuisines around the world.

  • Section I: Major European Cuisines
    Chapter 1: French Cuisine
    Chapter 2: Italian Cuisine
    Chapter 3: Iberian Cuisine (Spain and Portugal)
    Chapter 4: Cuisine of the British Isles
    Chapter 5: German Cuisine
    Chapter 6: Greek Cuisine
    Chapter 7: Scandinavian Cuisines
    Section II: Major Asian Cuisines
    Chapter 8: Northern Asian Cuisines
    Chapter 9: Chinese Cuisine
    Chapter 10: Indian Cuisine
    Chapter 11: Southeast Asian Cuisines
    Chapter 12: Japanese Cuisine
    Section III: Major American Cuisines
    Chapter 13: Mexican Cuisine
    Chapter 14 : South American Cuisines
    Section IV: Other Major Cuisines
    Chapter 15 : African Cuisine
    Chapter 16 : Australian Cuisine
    Chapter 17: Middle Eastern Cuisine

    • Includes information on cultural development not found in cookbooks in consistent format
    • Major cuisines in the world are covered
    • Includes culinary terms enabling students to find/understand ingredients throughout the world
    • Photography including presentations that students will be able to emulate
    • Will serve as an invaluable guide as a culinary arts professional
    • I would not omit anything from the table of contents. There isn’t anything like this text on the market currently, which makes it a unique product. I like that there are both contemporary and traditional recipes included within the text. The format as indicated in the outstanding features section of the proposal seems comprehensive. I found the listing of cuisines to be very representative of and quite inclusive of world cuisine. This text would fulfill many of my needs.

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    • Instructor’s Manual for MacVeigh’s International Cuisine
      ISBN-10: 1418049662 | ISBN-13:9781418049669
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      Online Companion for MacVeigh’s International Cuisine
      ISBN-10: 1418049670 | ISBN-13:9781418049676
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    • Jeremy MacVeigh is an instructor of International Cuisine at the Culinary Arts Campus, Institute of Technology, Inc. in Roseville, California. He is a graduate of the Western Culinary Institute, and a former executive chef. Jeremy passed the ACF Certified Executive Chef Practical Exam with minimum preparation. He is the current Treasurer for the California Capital Chefs Association, local chapter of ACF.