Beautiful Sichuan: Before and After the Great Wenchuan Earthquake 1st Edition
Information Office of Sichuan Provincial Government
ISBN-13: 9789814281690 | ISBN-10: 9814281697
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Located in southwestern China, Sichuan is known as the land of abundance and beauty, boasting a long history, dazzlingly rich and colorful plains, precipitous natural landscapes, and exotic ethnic cultures. On May 12, 2008, the province experienced an extraordinarily powerful and devastating earthquake that caused heavy casualties and rendered tremendous damages to its infrastructure. The sufferings caused by the massive earthquake were relieved through the quick and intensive efforts of the Chinese civilians, army, and government, as well as international relief agencies.

Today, post-earthquake Sichuan is as beautiful as ever. Many of the world cultural heritage sites in the province survived the disaster. The Jiuzhai Valley, the Huanglong Scenic and Historical Interest Area, Leshan’s Scenic Spot, and Mount Emei were hardly affected. The well-known ancient Dujiangyan Irrigation System, which was built over 2,000 years ago, was only slightly damaged. The province’s diverse ethnic cultures have also survived the earthquake. In a word, the earthquake has exerted little influence on the area’s cultural tourism. This book is arranged in the order of time and space in order to present the charm and beauty of Sichuan Province to readers across the world. It consists of four chapters. The first chapter provides an overview of the historical events that took place in Sichuan. The other three chapters introduce the topographic features and regional cultures through the descriptions of mountains, rivers, and ethnic minorities. The narratives of these chapters weave nature with humanity, aiming to help readers understand the humanistic landscape they will experience in the province.

  • Preface
    Chapter 1: Historical Memories of Sichuan
    Chapter 2: Mountainous Scenery and Culture
    Chapter 3: A Cultural Map of Rivers and Lakes
    Chapter 4: The Sichuan Basin: A Poetic Land of Residence

    • Highlights the unique charm and beauty of Sichuan Province
    • Uses vivid photographs to showcase many scenic spots, multiethnic communities, and the diverse cultural heritage of Sichuan
    • Reflects on the damage caused by the great Wenchuan earthquake and the subsequent reconstruction efforts
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