Multiple Lead ECGs: A Practical Analysis of Arrhythmias 1st Edition
Kathryn M. Lewis
ISBN-13: 9781435441248 | ISBN-10: 1435441249
© 2010 | Published |  528  Pages

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Multiple Lead ECGs: A Practical Analysis of Arrhythmias is an easy to use, comprehensive text for use by all levels of clinicians, educators and any students of electrocardiography related to patient care. The chapters were developed following a consistent format including commonly encountered arrhythmias, their ECG characteristics, signs and symptoms and proposed interventions. To aide the reader, the book features a self-assessment at the end of each chapter and an overall review to include interventions. Also included are answers to self-assessment exercises, normal ranges and variations in the adult 12-lead ECG. There is also quick review of assessment and interventions, medication profiles, a list of abbreviations and a comprehensive glossary.

  • 1. Review of Cardiac Anatomy and Function.
    2. Electrophysiology of the Heart.
    3.The ECG and the Multiple Lead System.
    4. Rate, Rhythm and Wave Forms.
    5. Axis Determination and Implications.
    6. Sinus Mechanisms.
    7. Junctional Mechanisms.
    8. Atrial Mechanisms.
    9. Ventricular Mechanisms.
    10. AV Conduction Defects.
    11. Intraventricular Conduction Defects.
    12. Chamber Enlargement and Hypertrophy.
    13. Arrhythmias due to Abnormal Conduction.
    14. Myocardial Perfusion Deficits and ECG Changes.
    15. Electronic Pacemakers.
    16. General Review and Assessment Exercises.
    Appendix A. Answers to Self-Assessment Exercises.
    Appendix B. Normal Ranges and Variations in Adults on the Multiple Lead ECG.
    Appendix C. Emergency Cardiac Care Guidelines.
    Appendix D. Quick Review of Assessment and Interventions.
    Appendix E. Medication Profiles.
    Appendix F. List of Abbreviations.

    • Clear and concise presentation of concepts and practice skills to promote quicker insight and easier application of subject matter.
    • Patient presentation and probable causes are included in the discussion.
    • Easy to comprehend tables, figures and narratives can be found throughout the book.
    • For any level of reader from students just beginning their study to professionals currently working in any clinical and prehospital setting.
    • Proposed interventions are in accordance with current standards and guidelines.
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    • Dr. Lewis is the President of KACEL, Inc. Professional and Community Education. She is also adjunct faculty within the Maricopa County Community College District where she is accredited to teach in all level of EMS courses and is an Examiner for the National Registry of EMTs. After serving as EMT/FSC Department Chair at Phoenix College since 1986, Dr. Lewis retired in 2005. During that time she was also a member of the Arizona EMS Council (Governor's Appointment), and member of the National EMS Curriculum Development Group. She has worked as a critical care nurse and educator, has authored several articles and contributed to texts on nursing care, education theory and techniques, as well as various cardiovascular topics. Dr. Lewis holds many industry affiliations and credentials, is an active RN and holds a BSN in nursing and a PhD in Education.