Chinese Food Cutting 1st Edition
Cao Nai-sheng
ISBN-13: 9789814253314 | ISBN-10: 9814253316
© 2009 | Published |  0  Pages

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Food cutting refers to those visual artworks made from various thin-layered food materials using scissors. These artworks can be used in hotels and restaurants to decorate the plates, giving the customers a refreshing feel. This book is compiled by Mr. Cao Nai-sheng who is highly accomplished in painting, food cutting and carving, cold dish presentation, flour dough sculpture, and flower making.

  • About the Author. Perfect Match. Siblings. Vying for Glory. Golden Harvest. Young Beauties. Butterfly with Flowers. Blooming Flowers. Irresistible Fragrance. Crab and Flower. Passionate Lovers. Midnight Love Songs. Temptation. Fragrant Flowers, Devoted Lovers. Vibrancy. Rosy Flowers, Green Leaves. A Lonely Flower. Peace and Harmony. Affectionate Sisters. Beaming with Delight. Song of Autumn. Flowers Dancing. Seeking Flowers. Elegant Flower. Ascending for a Better View. Twin Flowers. Ready to Bloom. Flower Princess. Vying for Fascination. Alone But Not Lonely. Relaxed and Happy. Mermaid in the Sea. Cute Boy. Frolicking. Looking Afar. Enchanting Scenery. To Your Health! A Lifelong Dream. Exhilarating Moment. Drowning in Good Fortune. Dragon Dance. Under the Bright Moon. Fulfillment in Life. Acrobatic Show. No Pain, No Gain. Road Leading to Success. Crop-Gathering Girls. What Fun! Lighting a Firecracker. An Immortal with his Donkey. Slam Dunk. Consulting the Doctor. Spring Excursion. A Waterborne Tour. Enjoying the Scenery. A Child Piper. Confrontation. A Pondering Poet. Chinese Couplet 1. Chinese Character Cutting. Chinese Couplet 2. Quotation 1. Quotation 2. Crane and Pine. Butterflies with Flower. Happiness at the Door. Phoenix Dancing. Romantic Lovers. Pine Welcoming Guests. Heart-to-Heart Communion. Peacocks. From a Different Perspective. Pouncing. Setting Sail. Grabbing a Live Fish. A World of Peace. Happiness Descending from Above. Fierce Fire Dragon. Lovers among Flowers. Happiness and Leisure. Excellent Match. Flaming Dragon. Blossoming Bauhinia. Mazu Temple. Calligraphy Cutting of “China.” What’s Up? Glaring Eyes. Stunt Show. Envy Provoking. Heavenly Melody. Living Together in and Happiness. Monkey Presenting Peaches. Tongue or Fists? Radiant with Joy. As Strong as an Elephant. Autumn Again. Lion Dance. Barking Dogs Also Bite. Fleeing. Dragon and Horse. Beijing Opera Mask 1. Beijing Opera Mask 2. Beijing Opera Mask 3. Beijing Opera Mask 4. Beijing Opera Mask 5. Beijing Opera Mask 6. Beijing Opera Mask 7. Beijing Opera Mask 8.

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    • Cao Nai-sheng was born in Huoqiu, Anhui Province, China. He is currently employed by Anhui Jinyuegang Hotel as a Senior Master in Arts and Crafts and Senior Chef in Chinese Cuisine. Mr. Cao is a highly accomplished artist in painting, food cutting and carving with special materials, cold dish presentation, flour dough sculpture, and flower making. He has won several top awards in various national and international culinary art contests, including the gold medal for food carving in the Fifth International Contest for Chinese Cuisine. He has been accredited as a Master in Food Carving, No. 1 Bean Curd Sculptor in China, and Pioneer in Color Painting on Melon Pots, thanks to his unique and superb food cuttings and carvings, especially his bean curd sculptures and relief color painting on melon pots.